Film: Baby Driver – (2.5/4)

I’m a huge Edgar Wright fan. I revisited “Scott Pilgrim” about a year ago at one of my favorite bars and, more recently, saw a 35mm print of “Hot Fuzz” at my local independent theatre.

He excels at visual humor in all his prior films, but with “Baby Driver,” a more serious film, we don’t get to see him play to his comedic strengths.

As an editor, I’m enamored by his filmography and the pace of his movies. “Baby Driver” is no exception. There isn’t an out-of-place shot or edit in the entire film. It maintains a moderate pace throughout. Even during expositon where other action flicks usually meander.

As an action film, and a racing film, it is borderline master class in its execution and filmmaking. The action scenes reminiscent of Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

My unfortunate issues with the film fall on the screenplay and the character motivations. A few moments edge on becoming plot holes because of this. Without spoilers, Lily James’ Debora had odd motivations for sticking around as long as she did and Kevin Spacey’s “intellectual” character makes some odd, misguided decisions before the third act. His resolution also feels a bit random, given what we knew about him.

One day Edgar Wright will hold up his first “Best Director” Oscar and it will be well-deserved. I believe “Baby Driver” to be his weakest film and that says a lot because I still enjoyed it immensely.