TV: Silicon Valley S4 – (2/4)

I love this show and consider it one of the best television comedies of this decade, but season 4 was a speed bump.

Judge is an absolute master when it comes to character-comedy, it was most expertly demonstrated in “King of the Hill.” What I’m talking about is his ability to build-up comical characters through exaggeration, mostly in his supporting cast.

As a viewer we related most to Hendricks. Similar to Hank Hill in KOTH. We are observing the lunacy of the people around him through their semi-sane lens.

I bring this up because there were minimal supporting introductions in season 4. The hiring of dramatic writers for this season played out in favor of the show’s plot, but may have limited the growth of both the world we are in and the growth of our ensemble.

The primary criticism preceding this season was that we were stuck in a cycle of “heroes succeed, heroes fail, heroes succeed..” and it was exhausting. The new writers were able to shape the conflict as ‘overarching’ this season. They were wallowing in the failed state.

This could have helped us become more invested in character, by having us with them at their worst, but instead it feels squandered and we know our characters no more than we did a season ago.

Perhaps the exaggerated stylings of Judge didn’t quite fit the more plot-focused direction. The direction I approve of, however here it feels wasted by not letting the characters grow as result. The comedy is still there; the plot however, failed to make us invest more into their characters when opportunity persisted.