House of Cards S5 – 0/4

Well… this is unfortunate.

I honestly can’t find anything reedemable to say about season 5 of “House of Cards,” I mean, I know show-runner transitions are tough but… wow.

Season 5 attempts to maintain the quasi-noir elements prior, but sacrifices all of its character’s motivations in the process.

It feels like someone was required to do their best to emulate the show with the same cast/crew and created something borderline cartoony that parodies the prior seasons.

This is the worst kind of road block for a show. This season single-handedly dimishes the value of the prior seasons. It’s impossible to tell what any characters motivation are.

Scenes meant to be shocking or menacing are often hilarious and riddled with laughable dialogue. The fourth wall breaks from Underwood never work here; it becomes hard to take him or Claire seriously at all.

Couple all this with dropped subplots, poor dialogue throughout, and lack of any substantial character arcs, and you get… something that doesn’t work and at times insults the prior seasons.

If rumor has it that the next season is final, that’ll be welcomed. This season alone likely makes the show in its entirety un-recommendable for me. A sad moment.