My Cousin Rachel (Mitchell) – 1.5/4

Rachel Weisz is great, but you probably already knew that. “My Cousin Rachel” has solid moments with sleek editing and melatonin-inducing cinematography.

It works moreso as a thriller than a period piece. The plot begins its cycle once our main character Philip receives a devious letter from his cousin. From the get-go Philip is required to be cautious of his cousin’s widowed-wife Rachel. Unfortunately that caution is untwined too easily in the first act.

This leaves our protagonist dimwitted, possibly encumbered by youthful ignorance, or at least this is how I felt the script would have us believe. He makes brash decisions throughout the film when the previous motivation of these letters should’ve lead any reasonable person to be significantly more cautious of Rachel – this ruins the film for me.

With a stronger first act and more development around Philip and his relationship with Rachel we may have seen a better film. Of course building up this relationship more may have compromised the borderline-surprising climax/conclusion.