Overwatch-29Initial Reaction: “Overwatch” beta

I’ll be honest. I grew up with Macs, so therefore, I never became much of a PC gamer.  In result, I never played many of the classic games from Blizzard Entertainment. I never played any of the “Diablo” franchise, nor did I ever fall for the “World of Warcraft.”

In fact, the last Blizzard game I played, and absolutely loved, was “Lost Vikings” for Sega Genesis. That games was sick.

Anyways, “Overwatch” is nothing like “Diablo” or “World of Warcraft.” In a way, Blizzard has moved from MMO RPGs to a versus multiplayer game in “Overwatch.” So far, my initial reaction from the online beta, is that this game is great, but could overstay its welcome.

Blizzard Entertainment co-founder Michael Morhaime said the intention of “Overwatch” was to “create an awesome FPS experience that’s more accessible to a much wider audience while delivering the action and depth that shooter fans love.” From my experience shooters without campaigns or story modes have action, but lack depth.

Kotaku.com reported that “Overwatch” will not have a single-player story. The said “Blizzard feels a traditional single-player campaign would get in the way of good multiplayer gameplay. Game director Jeff Kaplan said “I don’t think we would ever do a single-player campaign, because the way these characters work… they’re cool when you combine them together… Some don’t play well alone, either. Unless we built the campaign around supporting somebody else, a support character like Mercy probably wouldn’t do well.”

“Overwatch” features many playable characters, and I agree, some may not fair well alone in a single-player campaign.  However, I vehemently disagree  that single-player would get in the way of a good multiplayer game, historically single-player has had little to no effect on multiplayer. I also disagree that the characters wouldn’t work well in the single-player format, maybe not all 21 playable characters have to be playable for the campaign. It’d also help with reaching Morhaime’s goal of being more accessible to a wider audience.

There are games out there that are strictly multiplayer, and that’s okay. Personally, though, I feel like I’ll need more content before spending $60 on a multiplayer-only game. Extra maps, weapons, and characters won’t cut it either. I’m also continuously worried about the exclusion of offline, single-player gamers in todays video game world, especially when we want this medium to become more accessible to everyone.