611640982Initial Reaction: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst beta

When I’m not at work, writing for The Media 10, or doing chores around the house – I consider myself a runner. Just kidding. I haven’t been on a building rooftop probably since I was a reckless kid.

Anyway, I love Mirror’s Edge. I loved every single thing about the original game. It was fast, it was clean, it was fluid, the story was just good enough, and speedruns/time trials were able to keep me coming back time and time again. I actually can’t count the number of times I beat the original game.

So of course I signed up to partake in the closed beta of “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.” I will continue to play it more tonight after watching the premieres of “Game of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley.”

Did I like the beta?

Yes. I have been planning on buying this game as soon as it comes out, money saved up and everything, and nothing about that plan is going to change.

Is the beta perfect?

Well, no. The graphics are a complete mess on Xbox One, the frame rate was sputtering in/out of control, textures were almost non-existent, NPC’s look deformed and unnatural, my character and other NPC’s are falling through walls and floors.

It looked, well, ugly. However, this is the beta and I have the utmost confidence in DICE when it comes to graphics.

How do I feel about the open world?

CaptureThis makes “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” a completely different game. I told my future wife that it reminded me more of “Batman: Arkham Knight” then of the original “Mirror’s Edge.” You can run around an open world and do main missions or side missions.

I am very concerned about the variety of side missions. They all either involving running, climbing, or finding certain things. There is probably enough of a variety for me to maintain interest to 100% the game though. I just hope they don’t become aggravating and repetitive like the riddler trophies were in “Arkham Knight.”

I played 3 hours straight when I first launched the beta last night. I could’ve played longer, but had to sleep. There is no doubt in my mind that the graphics will improve upon release and that my mind will be wrapped in this world until the game is 100% completed.

My only other concern is how EA will handle DLC and if it will limit the ‘upon-release’ version of the game. Right now you have a skill tree to unlock abilities that help you run more quickly. That’s fine, I’m sure avid “Mirror’s Edge” fans will have this tree maxed out in no time. I worry that they’ll add DLC, that will cost money, that will improve the character’s running, fighting, climbing etc.

There are many leaderboards in the “Mirror’s Edge” world now, I wouldn’t want them filled with people who got there by ‘buying’ extra abilities.

So those are my concerns. I will be buying the game on June 7th when it is released in North America.