ep-13-Elektra-and-Daredevil-850x560SN: Quick Comparison – The Ending of “Daredevil” season 2 and “Heroes” season 1

What does season 2 of “Daredevil” have in common with “Heroes”? Well, besides them both being about “heroes” and having multiple heroes embedded in their storylines, the endings of season 1 of “Heroes” and season 2 of “Daredevil” kind of line up.

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You’ve been warned.

Okay so the final episodes of each of these shows don’t line up plot-to-plot really at all. But during the final fight on the rooftop in “Daredevil” I expected Punisher to show up. That was obvious, and he was probably on the minds of many viewers shortly after what happened to Elektra (still being careful).

It was obvious he’d show up, but what would he do when he showed up? I envisioned a sub-machine gun tearing a part an army of sword-wielding ninjas Indiana Jones-style. But he hadn’t shown up yet and the army had been reduced to about 5-9 ninjas.

This right here, is what “Daredevil” did right and season 1 of “Heroes” did right. Both shows knew what we were expecting, in “Daredevil” they were aware that we already knew Punisher would show up and in “Heroes” they knew that all these strangers would come together for this moment.

Did Punisher mow down an army of ninjas? No, the team behind the show opted for a small scale couple of shots. He took down the 5-9 people around Daredevil so Daredevil could take on Nobu, then he left.

We saw a lot of great fight scenes early in the season with Punisher, but it was a great idea to not have him steal the thunder from Daredevil during the last episode’s climax. Now we are left wanting more.

Everyone coming together in season 1 of “Heroes” gave a similar vibe. Was it the bombastic fight we had hoped for? No, but it was necessarily low-key, leaving us wanting more.