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Final 2016 Predictions.

First 2017 Predictions.

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12:01am – Spotlight is the first film since 1952’s The Greatest Show on Earth to win the Best Picture Oscar with only one other win. Check out the links above for more on the 2017 Oscar Predictions. Thanks for following!

12:00am – Spotlight wins Best Picture! Makes HISTORY!

12:00am – Predicting REVENENAT

11:59pm – Morgan Freeman to present Best Picture. But we are all winners tonight right?

11:58pm – Leonardo DiCaprio “Climate Change is real and is happening right now!”

11:56pm – Leonardo DiCaprio wins!!!!! CONFETTI!!!! 14-5

11:54pm – Watch out for Cranston next year in Wakefield

11:52pm – Leonardo DiCaprio about to be given his Oscar by Julianne Moore.

11:50pm – Leo’s moment is about to happen. The internet is about to explode.

11:48pm – Brie Larson wins Best Actress. First nomination and win. 13-5.

11:45pm – Lead Actress. Predicting Larson for Room.

11:44pm – On the reverse if Spotlight or Big Short wins it’ll be the first Best Picture winner in 60+ years with only two total Oscars.

11:41pm – “Titanic” won without a Screenplay nomination and was the last film to do so in 1998. If “The Revenant” wins it’ll be the next one to achieve that.

11:40pm – Chivo and Iñárritu is a match made in heaven.

11:38pm – Iñárritu wins 3 Oscars last year, 2nd consecutive for Director. 12-5

11:36pm – J.J. Abrams presenting Directing. Calling Iñárritu.

11:34pm – Awesome House of Cards trailer

11:31pm – And now presenting Brooklyn.

11:31pm – And somehow with that schtick he presented Room? haha

11:30pm – Sacha Baron Cohen with Olivia Wilde. Cohen is Ali G “another token black presenter” haha

11:29pm – Sam Smith dedicates this to the LGBT community.

11:27pm – Writings on the Wall wins for Spectre. 11-5. I don’t know about that one.

11:25pm – Common and John Legend introduce Original Song. Callin Gaga.

11:23pm – Ennio Morricone wins for The Hateful Eight. Star Wars goes home empty-handed tonight. 11-4

11:21pm –  Best Original Score being presented now. Predicting The Hateful Eight

11:15pm – Very emotional. Victims of campus assault take the stage. Amazing performance by Gaga

11:14pm – Some interesting camera work on this song.

11:13pm – Not going on my iPod anytime soon, but this song is solid. “Til It Happens to You.” by Lady Gaga

11:12pm – Current Vice President Joe Biden to introduce Lady Gaga’s song. Which I believe will win.

11:11pm – Joe Biden takes the stage?

11:08pm – Son of Saul wins Foreign Film. 10-4

11:04pm – Jacob Tremblay and Abraham Attah presenting Foreign short. Wow these kids are going to be back. Attah my favorite performance of the year.

11:00pm – Still a few categories. Going to be a very performance-based hour.

10:59pm – Leonardo Nimoy hits home. I’ll always miss you Mr. Spock.

10:56pm – …to the tune of Blackbird on the Acoustic Guitar. 😦

10:55pm – Louis Gossett Jr. leading the memory reel. Cue the tears.

10:54pm – Cheryl Boone Isaacs speaking.

10:53pm – No matter what happens Mad Max won the most awards tonight. That’s awesome.

10:51pm – Montage of Governor’s Awards.

10:50pm – $65,243 raised for the Girl Scouts! Awesome.

10:49pm – Time to see how much money was raised for the Girl Scouts

10:45pm – Another Chris Rock bit! Asian kids representing the Oscars accountant team.

10:43pm – Amy wins Best Documentary. 9-4, looking better with those numbers I guess haha.

10:41pm – Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel for Documentary. Predicting Amy

10:41pm – This has been a great Oscar ceremony so far. Funny and real with good pacing.

10:40pm – A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness wins documentary short.

10:39pm – Best Documentary Short intro ever.

10:38pm – Louis CK presenting Documentary Short, giving an epic introduction.

10:37pm – Original Song, Original Score, Documentary, Foreign, Documentary Short, Foreign Short, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Director, Picture left.

10:33pm – Sylvester Stallone has been nominated 3 times with no wins. Hopefully he pulls something before retirement.

10:32pm – Mark Rylance wins Supporting Actor. 8-4 and okay with it. It’s been one of the most unpredictable years in Oscars and I love it so much.

10:28pm – Patricia Arquette presenting Supporting Actor. Predicting Stallone

10:26pm – Chris Rock interviewing people in “Compton” skit is hysterical.

10:23pm – And now “Spotlight”

10:22pm – Reese Witherspoon and Kate Winslet present Bridge of Spies

10:20pm – Predicting Finding Dory for Animated Film in 2017.

10:19pm – I’m exhausted.

10:15pm – Kevin Hart introduced the Weeknd, which contains the only black people nominated tonight. They perform “Earned It” for “Fifty Shades of Grey”

10:14pm – Kevin Hart gives a passionate statement about diversity and working toward it. Then goes back to his comedy.

10:13pm – “Make Stuff. It’ll make a world of difference.” – Pete Docter

10:13pm – Pete Docter gives short passionate speech. I also have to urge people to reach out and see When Marnie Was There and The Boy and the World. GREAT movies.

10:12pm – Inside Out predictably wins Animated Feature. 8-3

10:11pm – Woody and Buzz present Animated Feature film. It’s a gimme.

10:10pm – Toy Story bit. Great to hear Tom Hanks and Tim Allen doing these voices again!

10:09pm – It’s awesome seeing the short filmmakers win. They are so overwhelmed.

10:08pm – No predictions on the shorts for me this year. Bear Story wins Animated Short though.

10:06pm – Chris Rock getting everyone to buy girl scout cookies! Awesome and productive bit.

10:04pm – Roger Deakins vs. Emmanuel Lubezki. Doesn’t matter. Glad to be in a world with both.

10:04pm – Didn’t mention it before but Emmanuel Lubezki (Revenant, Birdman, Gravity) has now won an Oscar in 3 consecutive years.

10:03pm – Carrie Fischer is in a commercial with robots? Awesome.

10:01pm – John Williams will be in contention next year for composing the score for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG

10:00pm – BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 on stage!

9:59pm – Predicting “Rogue One” for Visual Effects in 2017!

9:56pm – MAJOR SURPRISE! Ex Machina wins Visual Effects! 7-3

9:56pm – Calling Mad Max!

9:54pm – Visual Effects sizzle.

9:52pm – Mad Max wins Sound Mixing. Damn haha. 7-2

9:51pm – Sound Mixing. Nervous about my Revenant prediction.

9:49pm – Mad Max wins Sound Editing. The movie has 5 wins, more than any other film last year. 7-1

9:47pm – Chadwick Boseman and Chris Evans presenting Sound Awards. Calling Editing Mad Max. Mixing for Revenant (though both may be Mad Max)

9:44pm – Predicting “Silence” as well for editing as well as Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography in 2017.

9:42pm – The “Jack” Black history month minute. Yep. Check it out tomorrow if you’re not watching.

9:41pm – Mad Max wins editing. There are many really talented female editors in Hollywood. I look up to Margaret Sixel.

9:39pm – Editing being announced. Calling Mad Max.

9:37pm – One more nomination and Roger Deakins will tie George Folsey’s record of most nominations for a cinematographer without a win at 13. “Sicario” was his 12th. Leonardo who?

9:36pm – The Revenant wins for Cinematography. Rightfully so. Roger Deakins has now been nominated 12 times without a win. 6-1

9:35pm – Michael B. Jordan and Rachel McAdams for cinematography.

9:34pm – Predicting “Silence” wins Oscar for Makeup in 2017.

9:30pm – Mad Max now being introduced by them.

9:30 pm – There was a bear in the audience. Everyone seemed nonchalant about it.

9:28pm – Jennifer Garner and Benicio Del Toro present The Revenant.

9:27pm – Not even an hour into the show and Mad Max has won 3 Oscars. If it wasn’t a genre film it’d be taking Director/Picture tonight.

9:26pm – Mad Max takes Makeup and Hairstyling! Defeating my streak! 5-1

9:26pm – Makeup and Hairstyling being announced. Calling Revenant.

9:23pm – Mad Max: Fury Road wins Production Design as well! A LOVELY DAY MUHAHAHA! 5-0

9:22pm – Steve Carell and Tina Fey go Production Design. Calling Mad Max again!

9:20pm – Mad Max wins for Costume Design! “What a lovely day!!!” 4-0

9:19pm – Costume Design being announced! Calling Mad Max, but watch out for Cinderella.

9:17pm – Don’t forget to vote in our poll on the right side bar! -> We’re looking forward to the 2017 Oscars.

9:15pm – Vikander’s first nomination and win. She starred in several films this year. We’ll hear about her for a long time.

9:12pm – Alicia Vikander wins! With the ticker up showing everyone that she thanks. 3-0

9:10pm – Supporting Actress, calling Vikander now.

9:09pm – Now “The Big Short” is being presented by them. Great film

9:07pm – Henry Cavill and Kerry Washington present The Martian

9:04pm –  Writings on the Wall is being performed. Still thinks this song is very underwhelming, but there aren’t any real standouts this year.

9:02pm – Racing Extinction and Youth won’t have their songs performed tonight

9:00pm – A skit about black actors where they’re put into the movie. Jeff Daniels and Kristen Wiig reprise their Martian role and kill it.

8:54pm – McKay says don’t vote for candidates who take money from Wall Street. An obvious Bernie Sanders endorsement?

8:53pm – Adam McKay, director of Anchorman, is an Oscar winner now.

8:52pm – The Big Short wins Adapted Screenplay. Making our predictions an easy 2-0

8:50pm – Russell Crowe’s single Oscar was won for Gladiator, nominated for A Beautiful Mind and The Insider

8:50pm – The Big Short should win Adapted, predicting-wise this is easy out the gate.

8:47pm – “Spotlight” wins Original Screenplay expectedly. 1/1 on our predictions!

8:47pm – Child psychologists consulted on the “Inside Out” script

8:45pm – Original Screenplay is Spotlight. I’m certain.

8:43pm – Twitter is pretty unanimous. Chris Rock is killing it. Watch this monologue on Youtube if you’re missing it!

8:42pm – Paul Giamatti has never won an Oscar

8:36pm – Rock is killing it “(No white nominees) have at least happened 71/88 times for Oscars”

8:34pm – Chris Rock is out. A lot of expectations here.

8:32pm – Always love seeing film clips in ceremonies, we need more of this.

8:30pm – Let’s Go!

8:21pm – We’re about to start! The fiancée and I are getting some Chinese and watching the awful red carpet. In it for the game, not the dresses.