batmanvsupermantrailer_610SN: “Silence” and “Batman v. Superman” top our most anticipated poll

It says a lot about our users that “Silence” would break through many other genre films to tie for a top spot. It will, however, end up sharing that top spot with “Batman v. Superman.” A movie that I’m not really anticipated at all.

I posted about my most anticipated films which I believe had a fair mix of genre blockbusters and films with strong potential quality. Even with genre films we have another new “Star Wars” (“Rogue One”), we have “Suicide Squad,” we have a slew of Marvel films per usual; the fact that people are anticipating “Batman v. Superman” more than all of these, even in a smaller poll, is baffling to me.

I like to predict things, awards mostly, and I don’t foresee “Batman v. Superman” being very good. It’s too little too late. Marvel had the benefit of building up and developing their characters with several feature films before throwing them all together. We had “Man of Steel” but it didn’t have the critical acclaim of the early Marvel movies.

I’d like to be wrong. I love Batman and Superman, I love comics and sometimes comic-book movies can compete with the best of them. But I cannot foresee this particular film being very good.

“Silence,” though. “Silence” will be amazing.