metal-gear4Announcement: The 3rd Annual M10 Awards and the future of The Media 10

The 3rd Annual M10 Award Nominations will be announced January 6th. The winners will be announced a month later on February 10th.

The M10 Awards were something that I started around the time that I began this website. The goal was to make a list of nominees without the bias and politics of the big award shows. I basically put together an algorithm between Metacritic critic reviews, user reviews, and look at a compilation of other publications’ Top 10 lists.

See our M10 Award page here.

The Future of The Media 10

I started this website over 3 years ago on as an outlet to write out all my useless movie/tv show/video game content. I never really quite knew what I wanted it to be or to become. That is why I kept myself mostly anonymous and would sometimes refer to The Media 10 is “Our website” in articles, but really it’s just me.

I didn’t want it to be a typical review blog, or a typical award-prediction blog, because I always found myself writing, predicting, and listing useless film, show, and video game information but never publishing it. So I kept asking myself: “How can I make this different?” and “How high should I aim?”

The website usually receive about 50 to 100 viewers per day, but during award season that goes to between 100 and 200. It has been this consistently because I never put in plan anyway to grow the website and I have never wanted to put ads on it.

I added polls this year in the sidebar along with our popular awards predictions, but for the people swinging by I’ve always been looking for a hook to keep them coming, but the truth is, by myself, I can’t find the time between my upcoming wedding, my real job, and my social life.

If you are one of the few people who would read this article, and come here periodically please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how we can grow the website, for now here are some of our 2016 goals:

1. The Media 10 should be my opinion.

I will try and stop referring to The Media 10 as “we.” Early on I did several top 10 lists that had an algorithm in place to be the definite top 10 lists. But now I’m going to focus my opinion into the lists and most of the articles. I still love doing the M10 Awards so they will stick despite having none of my opinion involved.

This idea came from all of the Youtube and online critics that I often visit in my leisure time. I watch them, or read them, because I want to know how they felt about it. This will stay separate from the Gallery Articles as well. The Top 10 lists will now squarely be my opinion.

2. Audio/Visual Media.

For almost 2 years I’ve known that the best thing you can do for a website like this is make videos or podcasts. Videos will be tricky for me because, even though I’m an editor professionally, it’s still very hard to find time to write/edit/post videos unless it’s your full time job. Also I’d want to steer clear of any copyright infringement. I edited some video game montage videos for a friend last year that now have the popular music muted on them. It’s a shame seeing all that hard work go to waste.

Podcasts could be popular. I plan on making unscripted, episodic podcasts on different topics. There’d be a page for Podcasts and they’d be divided by show. There’d be one dedicated to award predictions, one dedicated to reviews/reactions etc.

The details aren’t ironed out, and I know by being on and not I’m going to be limited to what I can do.

3. Move away from

I’ve wanted to do this for a long long time. I’ve always had a fear that a lot of my content over the last 3 years would be lost. I’m not afraid anymore. I plan to archive all of the essays/gallery articles just in case during the migration process.

I don’t know when this, or any of these changes, will occur, but it’s time to try and expand our readership and viewership and move the website forward as much as possible.

Thanks for your dedication to us, and please inform us if you have any ideas for our website.