PhasmaSN: If “Force Awakens” sucks

I wrote about this awhile back, but now with the films release less than two weeks ago. I want to touch on this point one last time.

The original “Star Wars” trilogy was perfect. In its own contained way, all 3 films told a perfect story in a fantastical universe (say what you want about Ewoks, still a perfect conclusion).

Every single “Star Wars” project since that trilogy has been a bonus – icing on the cake. Not even the horrendous holiday special could bring the greatness of the original saga down. Nothing will ever “ruin” that trilogy.”

The prequels – a bonus. Imperfect icing with insight into the origins of our great trilogy. These films? They could still be perfect, but what we had with the original trilogy was rare and not easily re-created by anyone. It’s also additional icing, insight into the epilogue of the franchise.

So no worries if “Force Awakens” isn’t up to par with the original trilogy. It’ll still be awesome to see Abrams’ vision unfold and for us to spend more time in this amazing universe.