halo_5_warzone_gamescom_2015_3SN: “Halo 5: Guardians” and the lack of split-screen

Played “Halo 5.” Had fun. Played next to my fiancée, on our separate televisions, our separate Xbox Ones (that took awhile to save up for), with an unfortunate digital copy so we could share the game between consoles (all my other “Halo” hard copies now look lonely).

Being an older, more nostalgic, “Halo” player; initially hearing about the lack of split-screen multiplayer was shocking, and at the time I had been pretty verbal about my disappointment in 343 and the franchise.

I forgot.

With the multiple consoles, multiple televisions, and multiple Xbox Live accounts I comfortably purchased my $60 copy of the new “Halo” spent three days downloading it to both Xboxes, and coasted through the less-than-stellar campaign alongside my better half,  with my long-distance friends making cameo appearances.

After the campaign, and several fun games of “Breakout” and “Warzone” it was time I posted one of my star-ratings on this blog. 3/4. Gameplay felt fresh, Requisitions can go next time, but they weren’t the deal-breaker some people made them out to be, and the new game-types were exciting enough to make up for the lack of classic content (supposedly added later with free DLC).

My memory was refreshed this afternoon.”Halo 5: Guardians” doesn’t have split-screen. What my fiancée and I did with two Xboxes was extreme and not practical for average families. We only did it because we are highly active gamers. Do these companies expect brothers and sisters under the same households to own multiple consoles?

20823568halo5-1441150290263I am a video editor who writes a blog on the side for fun, I don’t really know they technical restrictions behind the gaming industry with the new consoles and this wave of practical and highly impractical downloadable content. But why couldn’t they make this split-screen?

After further research there is no “technical” excuse just some PR about how gamers “prefer” to be away from each other. Insane right?

I won’t usually deduct initial star-ratings based on the lack of split-screen. “Grand Theft Auto V” didn’t have it and several other titles don’t. I don’t know if it was a money or technology thing, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt. But split-screen was a huge part of “Halo” and 343 should’ve prioritized it over many things that ended up in the game.