Movies_Terminator_2__Judgment_Day_055236_SN: You haven’t seen BLANK!?!?!

It’s a big pet peeve of mine, as someone who likes to have intensive conversations about movies, when someone says they haven’t seen a certain title, and another person shouts “You haven’t seen!?!?!”

That level of surprise isn’t usually unwarranted for some major titles, but lately I feel like it’s been associated with films that someone doesn’t really have to see.

Well, technically you don’t have to watch anything. Be yourself, and enjoy the art that you enjoy.  I overheard a conversation where a poor girl was getting grilled because she hadn’t seen “Coming to America.”

That’s right. Not even the best ’80s Eddie Murphy comedy. Sure, it’s good fun and entertaining, but does this person have to see it. So the guy starts with the surprise that I talked about above, she awkwardly answers “Umm, nope, haven’t seen it.”

Then he goes on a complete tirade about how “Coming to America” needs to immediately go to the top of her must-see list. Like I said, fine film, but she could probably go her whole life without watching it and be perfectly fine.

People will watch what interests them, and assigning shows or movies to someone is counter-productive to bringing in new cinephiles and sharing in the celebration of art . With the thousands of great shows and movies out there, someone would almost have to be a complete hermit to see them all.

So keep recommending, but quit assigning. Simple.