SN: My “12 Years a Slave” story

The last two Oscar “Best Picture” winning films, “12 Years a Slave” and “Birdman,” I saw at the  Enzian Theater in Winter Park, Florida.  It’s a movie theater that hosts a lot of neat “special” showings, and usually only shows one current film at a time. It’s usually a film that doesn’t have much popular demand like “Boyhood,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” etc.

It’s nice because most regular theaters don’t show those films until they blow up with award recognition.

Anyways, the Enzian is one of those theaters set up like a restaurant with a strong, classy menu. You sit at these tables and dine, ordering your food just before the film starts. Their food is excellent, but on this particular occasion we weren’t looking for anything too extravagant. We ordered the “Chips and Salsa” appetizer.

The food isn’t brought to you until about 1/4th of the way through the film. And if you remember “12 Years a Slave,” shit was getting pretty real around that time in the movie. It was around the time that Solomon Northup was being kidnapped and turned into a slave that we received our food.

My fiancée and I were emotionally moved by the film from the get go. The audience was too of course, the room dead silent during the inciting incident of the film . This was also a very bad time to snack on chips and salsa.

“I am not a slave!” Northup declared on screen in dramatic fashion followed by CRUNCHHH! CRUNCHHH! CRUNCH!! Then he starts getting beaten… CRUNCH!! CRNUCHH! CRUNCH!

We were those obnoxious people. We’d continue to eat, but mostly in loud moments and we’d try and chew as quietly as possible.

I no longer purchase any kind of chips or nacho meals at movie theaters, haunted by this experience. The moral to the story? Eating nachos or chips during a film is nothing new, but maybe not during a super dramatic film about slavery.