Warner Bros. Entertainment — Mad Max: Fury Road

SN: “Mad Max: Fury Road” best film of 2015 so far

The movie calendar works like this – every year studios will save their best for last in hopes that award recognition can bring their film a strong box office. This is why summer gets the big movies, but winter and fall has the best movies. But what about spring and early winter?

It’s usually not very pretty. But bridging into the summer season Warner Bros. came out with “Mad Max: Fury Road” which on the outside just looked like another franchise reboot.  All it takes is a strong vision to turn a small franchise reboot into something amazing.

In our most recent poll “Mad Max: Fury Road” was voted Best film of 2015 so far by our readers. It’s only true competitors were “Inside Out” which followed in second and “Ex Machina” which followed in third.

Now we all kind of figure that “Mad Max: Fury Road” has the exact opposite traits of an award film, but for movie lovers it was a great edition to a fairly slow 2015.