SN: “It Follows” has an incredible soundtrack

“It Follows” stands out in the horror genre for many different reasons, but the editing and score help bring the whole atmosphere together. Director David Robert Mitchell approached Disasterpeace (Richard Vreeland) after becoming a fan of Vreeland’s work in the video game “Fez.”

When various critic awards were announced last year, a lot of groups proclaimed that Mica Levi’s score in “Under the Skin” was the best of 2014. It went on to receive no commercial award attention at the Oscars, the Critic’s Choice Awards, or the Golden Globes.

“Under the Skin” was a small film only discovered by film lovers, “It Follows” has a slightly stronger following (no pun intended), and I’m sure it will also win some “Best” titles at the year’s end. However the big name awards will likely forget about it, but here it is for fans of the movie, and non-fans. Enjoy!