SN: The Force Awakens – It’s okay to put your guard down

Your guard is up. Very few moments in your life you felt the sensation of anxiety and jubilant  glee: your first wedding, birth of your first child, and the premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace when John Williams’ classic score accompanied your beating heart. You were pumped. Goosebumps riddled your scrawny body… Lucas’ masterpiece franchise finally to come full circle..

The movie starts… you shrug off the occasional mediocre dialogue, you shrug off the explanation of “The Force” being lazily defined to “Midi-chlorians.” You try and shrug off Jar Jar Binks, but he just… keeps… talking…. You’re at war with your own nostalgia: “No! This can’t be bad! This isn’t bad!”

You are hurt… no…. you are devastated. Emotional scars all over your body. Your dumbass 8-year-old wants an Anakin action-figure. You can’t trust anyone in your life, not even yourself.

But what now? As “Star Wars” makes yet another comeback.  A second trailer blows up the internet. John Williams’ classic score rumbling yet again (will this movie be any good?), the Millennium Falcon twisting through the Tatooine skies (will Abrams have too many lens flares?), a wave of new faces (are these characters worthy?), and familiar voices (are they too old and out of touch?)

The Force will awaken this Christmas. The trailers, edited with excitement and nostalgia, are hopeful… You can put your guard down. I understand you’re hurt and you’re cautious, but you aren’t a fan of any particular “Star Wars” movie, you are a fan of the “Star Wars” universe.

“Star Trek” fans have dealt with more critically failed films than your franchise ever will. Be optimistic, embrace the child inside you and pre-order your BB-8 action figure before they sell out, walk into that theater with your lightsaber down and enjoy your universe.