SN: New “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer and how excited we are for Civil War

I really enjoyed the first trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” despite being one of the rare people who didn’t really enjoy the first installment. The third trailer surpasses the first with tension, cliffhangers, and overall more serious tone.

They keep making them fight each other. They fought each other in the first one, now they’re still fighting each other. Soon they will really be fighting each other ever since it was declared that “Captain America 3” would have a foundation built by the “Civil War” comics.

I loved the “Civil War” comic series and I’ve never hated Tony Stark more than I did in that franchise. The base of the storyline is the Marvel Universe gets into a civil war after Tony Stark helps support a bill that would make all superheroes have to reveal their identities. Captain America is against this, sees it as dangerous, and thus we have our two civil war generals.

It’s a fun franchise that you should read that also includes X-Men characters, Fantastic Four characters, The Punisher, Daredevil, and even Spider-Man. It’s doubtful that we’ll see any of these characters, except maybe Spider-Man where recently Sony struck a deal with Marvel to bring Peter Parker into the new Disney-Marvel Universe.

I know that this adaptation of “Civil War” will be ever-so loosely based, but I’m still excited. There will probably be a more substantial issue than “identities” in the Disney saga, unless maybe Peter Parker’s hidden identity sparks the controversy.


In “Civil War” Peter Parker is on the fence about which side to support. Tony Stark persuades him to join his forces. But after seeing the mistreatment of his former allies in the Negative Zone prison. Tony monitors a conversation between Peter and Reed Richards (after previously bugging the Spider-Man costume), where Peter questions the whole situation. Peter goes to grab Aunt May and Mary Jane from where they are being kept for safety in Stark Towers and Iron Man crashes through the wall of the building and fights Peter.

Tony is able to incapacitate Peter with a fail-safe he built into the Spider-Man suit. Peter gains the upper hand by reversing the fail-safe (since Peter is inept with computer technology and already discovered the code in his new suit).

It was awesome, at that moment, seeing someone finally get the edge on Tony Stark, who comes off as cocky and self-righteous throughout the franchise. It’s like Downey’s funny-cocky Iron Man, except without the funny part.

Spider-Man is able to escape into the sewers, beaten and worn, where Iron Man sends many of Spider-Man’s enemies after him. He is saved in the nick of time by the Punisher who kills (or punishes) all the attackers.

Spider-Man and The Punisher, I feel, are the two most complex characters in the Marvel Universe. I highly doubt The Punisher will make an appearance in a Disney film, but the addition of Spider-Man is promising to the franchise.

EDIT: I remembered the book incorrectly. Aunt May and Mary Jane don’t die they are taken to safety after Spider-Man’s villains come after him. Spider-Man doesn’t “beat the hell” out of Iron Man. It’s an equal fight where Spider-Man takes the majority of the beatings, but still gains the upper hand against Iron Man.