xl_Destiny-Artwork-Soldier2-62Preview: The Potential of “Destiny”

Take into consideration all of the hearsay, featurettes, trails, and gameplay demonstrations we have seen. Take all of that hype and potential and accompany it with the words of Bungie’s lead writer Joseph Staten, who in 2012 stated that the studio had intentions of “building a universe” that would “take on a  life of its own.”

Gather all of the news and official statements demonstrated with an abundance of ambition – the incorporation of social media on mobile devices, the use of faceware’s motion capture technology. Package all of this into a game where the budget for marketing and developing is $500 million dollars, more than any other game in history. What do we have here?

The most anticipated game of 2014, probably the most anticipated game of the decade that’s hype extends further than any movie and television show on right now. “Destiny” feels and at times looks like it is, not only going to be the best video game of 2014, but the next big game to push video game technology into a new era.

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Have I oversold it? Okay. It sucks to put that kind of burden onto one game, and it sucks that “Destiny” may end up suffering from all of the hype if it doesn’t reach that bar. When talking about “potential” no other game out there has it like “Destiny.” It may end up just being okay, or meh in the end like one of the “Halo” sequels, but with all of this effort and ambition from the Bungie staff, this game has more potential to be something beyond great than any other game/show/movie in 2014.

Let’s turn back the clock. “Destiny” has been in development for a long, long time. In 2009 there was an interesting easer egg in “Halo: ODST.” There was a poster on the wall that read “Destiny Awaits.” Nothing official was really said though until November of 2012 when concept art and plot details were leaked. Bungie immediately supplemented the leak with further details.

destiny-concept-15In February of 2013 Bungie released a video documentary making it more apparent the level of commitment and ambition that the Bungie staff had been contributing to the project. The game was first confirmed to be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, then later announced that it would be on the Xbox systems as well, however the Sony consoles would receive exclusive content.

Bungie made it clear that the PS4 was the lead development platform.


– Bungie has spent a lot of time on this project.
– Bungie has spent a lot of money on this project.
– Despite the weaker “Halo” sequels as the trilogy progressed, Bungie has a strong resume which consists of “Halo 2,” a video game that revolutionized online match-making for console gaming.
– From featurettes and demonstrations we can deduct that Bungie is very ambitious about what “Destiny” can become.


– Has a lot of hype to amount to.
– Not much more news came out of E3 this year, no cause for alarm, just interesting.
– The game format is asking a lot from the new generation consoles; both the PS4 and Xbox One haven’t run a game of this magnitude yet. (Nor the Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3).
– Bungie is very ambitious. Yes this can be a bad thing to, hopefully that don’t try to cram too much into one game.

We’ve heard so much about “Destiny” over the last couple of years and the time has finally arrived for us to hear what it’s all about. It was big news when we learned that Bungie’s new project would not only implement the worldly science-fiction of the “Halo” atmosphere, but also be an MMO RPG, attempting to utilize elements of the new generation consoles and take the next step forward, not only in online gaming, but gaming as a medium in general.

Keep your hopes down to a realistic level, but still be very excited and expect good things from “Destiny.”