leadPreview: Predicting the Best Television Series of 2014

With many new spectacular shows, and many great shows returning, you can easily find yourself speechless in a conversation about the best of 2014. Now that arguably one of the greatest shows of all-time is finished – “Breaking Bad.” Who will take the throne?

Keep in mind there are many unannounced fall television shows that could spring up and take out any of these titles, we have taken into account some of these fall shows, but it will be awhile before we really know what will be on the slate at the end of this year.

So here is our list for potentially the best shows of 2014:

game-of-thrones-season-4-episode-descriptions-hbo1. Game of Thrones

We are nearly halfway through the fourth season of the hit HBO fantasy, and the show has never been stronger. The surprises are still apparent along with the wonder and fantasy of Westeros. This season has introduced use to some magnificent new settings and has introduced us to some interesting new characters and plot twists.

“Game of Thrones” has always been strong with critics, but for the first time, it may be the strongest show of the year when all is said and done.

True-Detective-6-Portable2. True Detective

Who knows if season 2 will live up to the high standards left behind by season 1. “True Detective” isn’t your run-of-the-mill detective show. Featuring two strong performances from McConaughey and Harrelson and a script that dives deeper than most shows would ever dare to go.

“True Detective” tackles themes of life, existence, faith, and the presence of evil. It is definitely a fierce competition between it and “Game of Thrones.”

www.usnews3. Veep

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is electric in “Veep.” The HBO comedy has been getting rave reviews for more than just the veteran actress’ performance, but also for its witty writing and well-guided direction.

“Modern Family” has often reigned supreme where television comedies are concerned, but as the ABC show ages, “Veep” is young, fresh, and hilarious.

Sherlock-series-3_promo_john_sherlock4. Sherlock

The third season of “Sherlock” continues the shows solemn execution and showcases the great talents of it’s two leads – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The  PBS/BBC show is raved as “warm” and “whimsical.”

With strong writing and two stellar performers front-and-center. “Sherlock” is at the top of it’s game. It may not end up considered the best show of 2014, but it should show up on any regular viewers top ten.

Fargo-Series-Premiere-Martin-Freeman5. Fargo

“Fargo” is a newer show, therefore it’s hard to see how the rest of the show will play out. The show gives a solid omage to the great filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen by emulating their style to tell a truly bizarre tale.

What really shines in “Fargo” is the scope of the situation the characters find themselves in. How minuscule moments can put people in tragic and dangerous situations. And in Coen fashion, the show uses a simple story to relay larger, more prominent themes.

jus36. Justified

“Justified” may go down in history as a great show that never got the accolades that it deserved. The fifth season is no exception. The show holds onto its mood and themes and lingers in its own environment.

It is an underdog for sure in any award race Emmys or Globes, but the show has been consistently top notch which can’t be said for many shows after their fifth season.

tumblr_mz0ahedFZP1qdfu1wo1_4007. The Americans

“The Americans” does the impossible as it gets it’s viewers to invest in and root for two communist who take on America. Season 2 of “The Americans” got a substantial boost from critics. The show expresses a clear vision and does a stellar job at manipulating suspense from circumstance.

This FX drama may not be the most widely acclaimed show out there, but with a strong second season the show easily makes our Top 10.

131216165211-homeland-season-3-brody-gun-story-top8. Homeland

“Homeland” is a show that just has to appear on a list like this. Though we won’t get an idea of the how great the fourth season is until October, it’s a pretty good guess that it’ll rank up there with the best.

“Homeland” is consistent with strong performances and sharp twists and turns. It shouldn’t ever be under-estimated and could potentially compete with the top 5 in this list.

Episode 1029. Masters of Sex

Season one of “Masters of Sex” may not have been the most well-balanced of shows. Drifting in and out of character plots, some more interesting than others. But the show strongly reflects the time period that it comes from.

Lead by a fantastic performance by Michael Sheen, season one was strong and revealing toward its real-life subject matter. Hopefully we can expect the same execution from season 2 with just a little bit more focus.

Silicon-Valley-1x210. Silicon Valley

The new Mike Judge – HBO comedy hasn’t quite spread it’s wings just yet. Much like Judge’s hit comedy “King of the Hill” the show gets funnier the more in touch you are with the character’s quirks. Four episodes into “Silicon Valley” the potential is evident.

With smart humor and wondrous atmosphere being slammed down to Earth, “Silicon Valley” could potentially be one of the greatest shows of 2014, as long as it maintains its ever-developing sense of humor.


11. “Louie”
12. “The Returned”
13. “Mad Men”
14. “House of Cards”
15. “Orphan Black”
16. “Hannibal”
17. “Parks and Recreation”
18. “Modern Family”
19. “Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey”
20. “Key & Peele”
21. “Boardwalk Empire”
22. “Rick and Morty”
23. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
24. “Scandal”
25. “House of Lies”
26. “Vikings”
27. “Community”
28. “The Blacklist”
29. “Archer”
30. “Portlandia”