579323_427686390578866_222549117759262_1775894_596338129_nHypothetical Casting: The Walking Dead (Telltale Series)

Who knows if AMC would ever want to capitalize on the success of the hit television series and expand into adapting the amazing 2013 game-of-the-year winner. Telltale developed an emotionally stirring epic with their spin-off of the successful franchise. The game almost required you to watch the story more often than hit buttons on your controller.

Who knows if an adaptation would ever be successful. but we went ahead and picked some key actors to fill in as possible candidates for each of the roles. Keep in mind we couldn’t do all the characters so we stuck with primarily the main roles within Season One.

Lee Everett – Lennie James
Alternate: Jeffrey Wright, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Clementine – Bailee Madison
Alternate: Annie Rose Buckley, Johnny Sequoyah

Kenny – Garrett Dillahunt
Alternate: Woody Harrelson, John Hawkes

Katjaa – Merritt Wever
Alternate: NA

Duck – Benjamin Stockham
Alternate: Conner Chapman, Samuel Joslin

Lilly – Lake Bell
Alternate: Mary Louise-Parker, Evangeline Lilly

Larry – Jim Carter
Alternate: Tommy Lee Jones, Alfred Molina

Ben – Ellar Coltrane
Alternate: Matt Bennett

Glenn – Steven Yeun
Alternate: NA

Chuck – Billy Bob Thorton
Alternate: Johnny McPhail, Michael Harney

Omid – Suraj Sharma
Alternate: Ryan P. Shrime, Dev Patel

Christa – Freida Pinto
Alternate: Kali Hawk

The Stranger – Steve Buscemi
Alternate: Wes Bentley, Tom Hiddleston