Guerra-Pia-Y-the-Last-ManHypothetical Casting: Y – The Last Man

One of the most beloved comic series of the new millennium, “Y: The Last Man” was slated to be adapted a couple years ago. Unfortunately the last real news report about the project came in January when we learned that New Line Cinema was on the verge of losing the rights to the project unless they were to start production soon.

Originally “Distrubia” director D.J Caruso was slated to direct the project. Comic creator Brian K. Vaughn had written a screenplay that condensed the whole series into one film. Caruso wanted to fight to make it a trilogy given the comic series long length. Honestly, I trust Vaughn, but this series needs more than just one film.Shia Labeouf and Alicia Keys were rumored to play Yorick and Agent 355. By Summer of 2009 Labeouf found himself not interested and Caruso left the project after Warner Bros (who owns New Line Cinema) didn’t want to follow through with a trilogy.

After all this mess the big news was that Dan Trachtenberg, following his viral success “Portal: No Escape,” would direct the project. Producer David Goyer said that the script was so close to be done and that the film would be a standalone one that would hopefully continue into other films. Depending on financial success I assume.

Things don’t look good for this project. I believe, if anything, we will be hearing soon about another studio claiming the rights and an attempt to adapt the series. Hopefully fans, including myself, can find solace in whatever production team is place onto the project.

Meanwhile, lets discuss some perfect casting choices for all the lead characters:

Yorick – Armie Hammer
Alternate: Miles Teller, Aaron Tveit

Agent 355 – Naomie Harris
Alternate: Lupita Nyong’o, Tracie Thoms

Doctor Allison Mann – Rebecca Hall
Alternate: Emily Blunt, Cobie Smulders

Beth DeVille – Kristen Bell
Alternate: Greta Gerwig, Hayden Panettiere

Beth II – Evan Rachel Wood
Alternate: Emmy Rossum, Elizabeth Olsen

Hero – Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Alternate: Rachel McAdams, Emilia Clarke

Dr. Matsumori – George Takei
Alternate: Ken Watannabe, Masi Oka

President Margaret Valentine – Jennifer Jason Leigh
Alternate: Susan Sarandon, Jessica Walter