2013 was a really good year for The Media 10. Whether you just stopped by briefly or you keep coming back we thank you for your viewership.

When the numbers are high you can’t just settle though. So we have been paying attention and will be adding many new features in the next couple of months.

As a Movie/TV/Video Game website we are experimenting with ways to bring you unique and different content that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. We hope to keep bringing you fresh and new content and hope to eventually expand our horizons and goals.

Hit more to hear about the new specific changes to the website:

Essays – You may have noticed the page heading no longer says “Articles” but “Essays” instead. This is because we aren’t a website associated with bringing you news. We want to evaluate and deconstruct our topics and open up discussion about specific issues in the industry. For example, when “Heroes Reborn” was announced we didn’t have a general post about the announcement, but rather a post questioning if it was a good idea to have this mini-series or if it was too late.

We will usually head our articles with questions like this. This is to help evoke discussion and idea among our readers. We will usually give our best answer for the topic question within the posts.

Classic Reviews – It’s been brought to our attention on a few different occasions that we often don’t focus on the classics. Older films, video games, or televisions shows don’t often appear on our blog besides making an appearance in the occasional top 20 list. We want to change this and start analyzing and discussing the foundations of each medium.

There is a “Classic” category on the right side of our home page that has rarely been used. This will change.

Gallery – This is something that’s been on the table for quite sometime. There will be a new page called “Gallery” that will contain links to a very few select films, games, and shows. Being in the gallery will be considered the highest of honors and we want to treat it like an online museum. We acknowledge all these mediums as art and we want to help bring awareness to the fact that some films, games, and shows deserved to be honored and respected like any work of art.

This update will take a lot of prep work and may not appear until summer.

Trailers – We plan on continuing our archive system. We don’t have the man power to post trailers as soon as they are released, but we will update the trailers page weekly as we’ve been doing. Watch for new trailers every Wednesday.

Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes – Many websites offer up a slate of predictions for these awards, but we want to give you the whole slate, not just the main categories. So expect all predictions to be update in April to include technical categories for the Oscars/Golden Globes and many other categories for the upcoming Emmys.

We understand that the award predictions are our strongest asset, and we want to expand upon it in every way possible.

Polls – Every Tuesday a new poll will be provided. As of now you can vote in previous polls by clicking on the links on the poll page. This will change. Instead of clicking on the poll page then clicking on the poll, then hitting back, then clicking on another poll. All polls will appear on one page. So you can go to the poll page and vote in every single one of them right there. We will still include the current leaders on the top of the page.

Top 20 – The Media 10 originally got its name because we wanted to be that website that gave top 10s on everything. We expanded that to 20 and want to keep bringing this part of the website to you. Every Saturday expect to see a new Top 20.

In the next coming months we will by doing a top 20 for every category in the M10 Awards. Including Best Actor/Director awards for Film and Best Voice Acting/Graphics for video games along with best Episode/Season for TV.

VOTW – Video of the Week will still appear every Friday each week. We will try and be more consistent about the date.

Staff – With The Media 10, we want it to be more than a blog. The common thing we really need is to have more than one writer providing content. We are currently looking for people to help us distribute our content and scouting for people to help out as well so The Media 10 will be constantly updated.

Hypothetical Casting – You may have noticed a new category. We started Hypothetical Casting with “The Last of Us” movie earlier this week. We are always open to other adaptations we should hypothetically cast and we hope that this will bring a lot of discussion to our website.

Festival Circuit– Will no longer be a category. If something significant happens at a film festival we will post it in the Film or Awards category.

Let us know if you have any great ideas or wish to contribute content to our growing website.