Fast & Furious tribute to Paul Walker

When a celebrity passes a way the internet erupts. Not many fans know him personally, but many realize that they will never see this actor perform again. Along with many “Rest in peace” reactions we are met with people stating that people shouldn’t feel sorry for a celebrity death when so many innocent and heroic people die everyday unnoticed.

Truth is, death is sad no matter if you are famous or not. Many people knew Paul Walker through his performances (primarily in the popular “Fast & Furious” series) as an actor.  A tragedy is devastating no matter how many people notice it. And while I’ve never been fond of a single “Fast & Furious” movie, I still believe we lost an actor with a tremendous potential, and it is sad.

This tribute was a very kind thing to put together,  many stated that it was a “Fast & Furious 7” tribute to Walker, so before watching I couldn’t believe that they were going to use this tragedy to shamelessly plug the next installment, but they didn’t. “Fast & Furious 7” isn’t mentioned once in this montage. It is a nice piece that highlights how essential Walker was to the saga. A memorial piece for a whole production team that has been working with Walker since the first film was released in 2001. It’s nice really.