Film Analysis: “Gravity” screens at Venice

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” screened at the 2013 Venice Film Festival this Tuesday night. The film was met with universal praise and warranted some strong raves.

The next Oscar update on here will reflect “Gravity‘s” strong position. It’s pretty safe to say this film is in, and it will be one of the bigger films of 2013.

Most early reviews can be found on Rotten Tomatoes where the film currently has 100% with 11 reviews.
Some Twitter Reactions:

@GuyLodge: Gravity (A) Mainlined sensation. A staggering dance, then a balletic fall, into great silence. Maybe I’d change a thing? We’ll talk later.

@GuyLodge (Later): Oh, and if Lubezki can’t finally win the Oscar for digitally embellished 3D work (see HUGO, LIFE OF PI, AVATAR, all inferior), I give up.

@robbiereviews: Gravity: by turns profound & uproarious fusion of Michael Bay and Jean-Paul Sartre. Cuaron has absolutely nailed this. #Venice2013

@olilyttelton: GRAVITY is astonishing. More to come shortly at @ThePlaylist #Venezia70

@daveyjenkins: GRAVITY (Cuaron_ The 2001 space baby gets his own disaster movie. Incredible effects work. Breathtaking film.

@drjonty: Gravity: brilliant immersive intelligent scifi. Blockbusters don’t get much better. #Venezia70 @cinevue

@fnayeri: #gravity @venicefilmsfest: occasional 3-D silliness..funny things flying towards you. More in my @BloombergMuse review tonight.

@gabrielcapo: Gravity took my breath away… Technically amazing. Super Cuaron #Venezia70

@NickdeSemlyen: Now that the embargo is up, I can say that what Jaws did for water, Gravity does for air.

@NickdeSemlyen: What surprised me was how much of an action flick Gravity is. Non-stop, no-nonsense. It’s Speed in space. Hugely entertaining.

@rotovisor: #Venezia70 #Gravity is the gamechanger we were waiting for! Masterful directing by Cuaron and astonishing performance by Sandra Bullock!

@Nevskyp: Gravity: orbital rollercoaster which wrests reflection and tension out of isolated, vulnerable space setting. Remarkable. #Venezia70

@avindigniricca: Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for much less. Extraordinary. #Gravity #Venezia70

@maticmajcen: Alfonso Cuaron #GRAVITY Apollo 13, Cast Away, that kinda film, that kinda level, top of the game 4.5/5 #venezia70

@TaybackX: GRAVITY is sensational heart-pounding cinema at its best, and the work of a true auteur that goes by the name of Alfonso Cuaron. #Venezia70

@TaybackX (2 min later): At the end of the day, the main star of GRAVITY isn’t Sandy B or Clooney, but Mr. Cuaron’s assured direction. #Venezia70

@_Ash_Clark: GRAVITY: Self-help in space. When Cuaron’s at the helm, that’s no bad thing. An arresting and beautiful way to launch. #Venezia70

@alexandrazawia: #Gravity : Cuaron masters the visuals impeccably but potentially philosoph. *deep* space turns to commonplace & offbeat symbolism #Venezia07

@Steven_Friedman: So ‘Gravity’ turns out to be absoluately friggin’ amazing. Quelle surprise! :-)”

@ssetiawan: Gravity clocked in at 90 minutes. Not all good movies should make your butt numb.