VOTW: The Way Way Back Trailer
A lot of pretty fantastic trailers came out this past week. Two of them looking like they could gain award momentum come Oscar season. Those two being the new Ron Howard/Peter Morgan collaboration for Rush and a new science fiction epic from the mastermind behind District 9 Neil Blomkamp titled Elysium. 

Both trailers are definitely worth a look, but what really stood out to me on the trailer market was Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s The Way Way Back. I understand “From the Producer’s of Little Miss Sunshine” doesn’t exactly seal the deal (they seem to be producing everything) but the Rash/Faxon team seems like a nice mix ever since they co-wrote The Descendants with Alexander Payne and won their Oscars.

Plus the trailer looks genuinely funny. The film has already received reviews out of Sundance that are mixed to positive, enough to make it seem like it’ll be good, but not award-worthy. The trailer made me excited to see it though and here it is for you guys!