TV Review: Heroes – All Seasons
A couple years back many people in my life were talking to me about two shows: Lost and Heroes. I watched Lost a little over a year ago and I finally decided to catch up with Heroes. Even though this show hasn’t been a topic of conversation in a good long time, I still feel like I should talk about it.

The gist of what I would hear about Heroes was “the first season was good, then it went downhill.” I would agree with that statement for the most part, however later seasons had an episode every now and then that would deliver. Here, I am going to go over each season and score them overall.

Season 1

We are introduced to a very wide slate of characters and it takes time to really care about them, about 4-5 episode to be precise. Luckily thier “special qualities” keep us interested in the meantime before we start connecting with them on a more emotional level. For example, I wasn’t to into Mohinder’s story early on, and there was a lot of it, but as time went on I became more and more interested.

Once we got closer to the middle of the season I was intrigued. Hell, I was eager to watch the next one every time it went off. I went into the show expecting  “Action” or “Science Fiction,” but Heroes works best as a mystery, much like Lost. Every season involves a conspiracy and unsolved-case and us (the audience), we are given a little bit more information each episode.

I was always questioning this mystery, given small hints in each of Isaac’s future paintings. Also learning more about Claire’s dad (Noah) and the company he works for and this Sylar character. I had heard about Zachary Quinto’s Sylar many times before watching the show, yet it wasn’t until mid season when I actually saw his face. He was a mystery, and once I was introduced to him I got to learn more about his back story.

All the characters had a certain level of mystery, and it was very intriguing and exciting to see their memories and escapades unfold before us. The characters (everyone of them here) were interesting and had things to offer for the climax in the finale. Things came together in the end and it was beautiful, engaging and entertaining both with its action and its mystery.

I loved Season 1 of Heroes and I am deeply saddened to say I didn’t love the rest of the seasons. But, I believe season 1 gave me enough to say overall that I “loved” the series as a whole.

Final Score: 3.5/4

Season 2

This season was a little shorter. One of my favorite characters, Hiro, had traveled back in time to help train his inspiration in the present. This was a very brilliant idea in thought, but it plays out in a boring, tiring way. Hiro’s involvement in the finale is amazing to watch however. He does have some great scenes in the past with Claire toward the end though.

Peter was another character whose story line seemed bland, once again except for his involvement in the finale. Many of the characters seemed more unimportant. We are introduced to a young woman who can learn things from TV, Music ect. immediately, her story was very interesting, except in the end she turns out to just be a damsel in distress for Nikki to save, then we never hear from her again.

Noah had an interesting story line with Mohinder that played out in the middle of the season, Claire becoming an “invincible” damsel in distress.

I understand with television production some actors, directors, writers ect. are hard to hold onto and compromises have to be made. So it’s hard to tell if Season 2 was a fault of the writer’s strike that hit the show, but overall the season was pretty unsatisfying. The most interesting characters had the weakest stories, however the finale works and mirrors the great qualities of season one.

Final Score: 2/4

Season 3 

This season is long, just like the first. However, it is split into two “Books” and two separate story arch’s: The one of Peter and Nathan’s dad (resurrecting himself by stealing the immortality power from the previous villain) trying to recreate the powers biologically so they can train soldiers… or something like this.

All these villains seem so incredibly intelligent, but they cannot fathom the idea that what they are doing is wrong. This becomes increasingly annoying with Nathan suddenly deciding to lock up “specials” for the greater good of the world. Needless to say Nathan realizes the error of his ways and the leader of his team (don’t even remember his name) continued the cause.

This is when each of the interesting characters start acting grim, constantly annoyed, and at times they just start whining. The second half of this season definitely felt weaker than the first, but still, like Season 2, the characters remain intriguing and them (accompanied by the action) keep you pleasantly entertained.

Final Score: 2/4

Season 4

Definitely the weakest link. Due to many of the cast members moving on to other things the writers got to write in some new characters (each new character is boring and dull). The villain is a man whose brother just died that runs a carnival full of “specials,” we later figure out that this is a front for something….bad.

The show takes a lot of time focusing on this man, but no matter how deep they go into the back story, he is just dull. Especially compared to the previous villains.

The best part of the season is Hiro and his journey to right the wrongs in his life. This leads to some great scenes and gives Masi Oka (Hiro) some really great acting moments.

Claire has a story line about going to college, until she realizes she can’t live normally after being hunted by the villain. Noah tries to lead a normal life, but goes after the villain, and well I guess the same can be said about everyone else.

All in all, this Season was drearily long, and very weak. Some of the actors who were big characters have been reduced to bit parts (due to scheduling conflicts) and they are literally forced into the story. The climax is weak, still the cliffhanger left me wanting more, which I didn’t, and will never get sadly.

Final Score: 1/4

Overall Score: 3/4