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Awards: Argo named Best Picture of 2012

Argo has just been named the best film of 2012 by the Academy, where the film received 3 Oscars, the other two for Editing and Adapted Screenplay. The most Oscars was given to Life of Pi which received four including Best Director for Ang Lee, Visual Effects, Cinematography, and Original Score.  Tying with Argo with three also was Les Miserables.

So what does everyone think? Any snubs? Did Argo deserve the title? I have never seen so much flip-flopping by Oscar predictors over the last few months, when Argo became the clear front-runner it was clear what happened. The momentum had been shifting since October from Argo to Silver Linings Playbook to Zero Dark Thirty to Lincoln to Les Miserables the back to Lincoln and then landed on Argo again. The thing about those other four films, and this would include Life of Pi as well is that they were all loved, just not by everyone and those people who didn’t “love” them kind of hated them. 

One of the worst things about the Oscar season this year has been all the cynicism among Oscar politics and throughout publications across the internet. The days leading up to the Oscars my Twitter feed was literally filled with hatred, mainly for Argo, people knew it was about to win and didn’t want it to. They felt more passion towards Lincoln or Life of Pi or Silver Linings PlaybookIn the end Argo had the benefit of “not” being hated by the people within the Academy.

Did Argo deserve it? Everyone has their own opinion, however I have not spoken to a single person that would call Argo the best of 2012. I gave the title to Les Miserables and the majority of  critics gave the title to Zero Dark Thirty which is arguably a better political thriller than Argo, but from the get-go was immersed in too much controversy to prevail.

Argo was a safe, solid and good American (and Canadian) story that also complimented Hollywood. It’s not my place to say what/why the Academy would collectively decide on Argo and not the others, the Academy consists of so many members who have a different thought process on what should be rewarded and they all have different opinions.

It was absolute craziness that Affleck wasn’t nominated as a Director, this is only the second time in history that a film has one Best Picture without having a Director nomination. The first time was Driving Miss Daisy in 1989. One of the reasons the Directing category was so different was because the Academy (which consists mostly of Actors, not Directors) hadn’t seen the DGA nominees, which usually are a good predictor for the Oscar nominations. DGA came after Oscar nominees this year. Another theory is that so many people already figured he was in and voted for other ones, same with Bigelow.

We won’t know, never will. But it’s over now and Argo has the title in history of Best Film of 2012 at the Oscars. A great movie that placed 9th on my Top 10 list under Les Miserables, Lincoln, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Zero Dark ThirtyThat list here: