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Awards/Review: The Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts of 2013

On Oscar night there are going to be three instances where they ceremony will take its moment to award short films in the categories of Animated, Live-Action and Documentary. And at this moment, the average home viewer will probably not be paying full attention, or care. I mean if Clooney or Jolie or Affleck isn’t on stage then who cares right?

One of the reasons the Golden Globes gets so much hate is because of its lack of technical categories and honoring the shorts, its a marketable Hollywood festival to award actors, actors that the home-viewer will watch. Not the Sound Mixer or the Editor.. This is where the Academy Awards are better (but usually not by much) the moment when they honor the achievements in film for the previous year that the majority of the population won’t recognize, even though the films and filmmakers fully deserve the attention.

Enough ranting, on to the reviews of the Oscar nominated Animated Shorts of 2013

Adam and Dog 

My favorite of the bunch, Adam and Dog is painted with stunning animation, and like the rest of the animated shorts this year features no dialogue and allows the story to be told through its visually stunning aesthetic and puts the most sympathetic character center-stage, the dog. Getting an audience to care so much about a character in a 10-minute film is difficult, but an audience will easily fall for a dog, like I did. What makes this films so brilliant is its biblical references and how the story line draws us to the discovery of man’s best friend.

Fresh Guacamole

The shortest film ever to be nominated in the category, clocking out at about 2 minutes, Fresh Guacamole’s main appeal is how creatively the basic story is told. The whole two minutes is about an unnamed and unimportant person making guacamole. I don’t want to give a way the “how” because that is what makes the film so intriguing, creative and fun to watch. 4th Favorite.

Head Over Heels 

The story of an old couple who live on different gravitational pulls within the same household. This short film is riddled with subjective metaphors and symbolism. The claymation is gorgeous, especially the backdrops. The storyline is a heart-warming one with a strong hopeful resolution that is hard to resist. Loved it. 3rd Favorite.

Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare

A short film based around the youngest member of the Simpson family and her struggle to rescue a growing caterpillar from a bully at her daycare. The use of stereotypes and exaggerations that The Simpsons made famously humorous is brilliantly demonstrated here. The humor maintains its consistency throughout and the story is so cleverly told. 5th Favorite, but I still loved it and thought it was brilliant.


Beautifully told and animated, Paperman is another fantastic animated short from the mastermind department at Disney.  The animation on display is gorgeous, and the way the hero’s journey is told is intriguing and, well fun. Another heart-warming conclusion that is truly heart-warming and the film knows when it’s over. Very well executed. 2nd Favorite.

So if you didn’t want to read all that, here is the list:

1  Adam and Dog
2. Paperman
3. Head Over Heels
4. Fresh Guacamole
5. Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare

As far as Oscars are concerned it is a race between Adam and Dog and Paperman. Although, I think the race between them is more close than the Oscar-bloggers out there do, Paperman is favorite to win this category.