Top 10: Adam Sandler Films of All-Time

His films are often ridiculed, the comedian who rose to stardom from Saturday Night Live in the 90s, who began doing films and soon started his own production company. Happy Madison productions ties in the names of two of the companies first films Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore these films are still remembered today despite the very low critical response to them.

Films like these have been coming from Sandler and his crew ever since, maintaining the status quo with high box-office intake and low critical reviews. It’s clear that fans of his films have little need for the thoughts of a film critic.

You either like the movies or you do not, however Adam Sandler hasn’t always kept himself within the confides of comedy. Performing to a surprise critical praise in the Andersons Punch-Drunk Love and Binder’s Reign Over Me, showed that the actor had the ability to branch out. Since then, he has continued writing, producing and starring in his usual annual comedies, the most recent being That’s My Boy with him and Andy Samberg.

The following list is for the Best Films that have Adam Sandler in them as an actor. His best performances would probably be from the two dramas listed above, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were his best films. So here is the list:
1. Punch-Drunk Love
2. The Wedding Singer
3. Funny People
4. Reign Over Me
5. Happy Gilmore
6. Spanglish
7. 50 First Dates
8. The Waterboy
9. Anger Management
10. Big Daddy