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Film Anticipation Preview: Star Trek: Into Darkness Announcement Trailer released

We recently heard the incredible news that, not only will we see the full length trailer upon the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on December 14th, but if you see The Hobbit in IMAX you will receive a 9-minute taste of the film. For now, as we wait ever so impatiently, we have this one-minute announcement trailer.

There was a recent release saying that the film was initially a “manhunt.” The speculation has been ongoing with Trekkers (this includes myself) as to what this installment will be. Will it work as a remake to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan or will it just be its own story occasionally paying homage to the original series, Abrams and his cast/crew have kept the lid pretty tight on this jar.

The image above you will not find in the English version of the Announcement trailer, but in the Japanese. Considering it is the only version that is 15-seconds longer I am questioning if it was a mistake for the extra footage to be in there? So, before it was struck down I stole the most important screenshot above. For fans of the original series/movies they know why this image is so iconic. For Star Trek newbies (and I use the term sincerely, everyone should love Star Trek) we saw a similar image in what is arguably the greatest Star Trek flick of all-time The Wrath of Khan which was also the sequel the original movies.

So could this speculation relate back to the story of Khan? Could we be getting an essential re-imagining of the classic old film? Regardless, after 2009’s Star Trek I have complete faith in the filmmakers and will be there happily surrounded by Trekkers on opening night.

Let me know your thoughts on the Announcement trailer and we will have a more in-depth analysis of the film once a full trailer is release December 14th with The Hobbit.