Film Analysis: 
Michael Arndt to write Star Wars VII good or bad?
by Matthew Durham

Today some articles were released mentioning that LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy reached out to Michael Arndt to be the scribe for Star Wars VII. So who the hell is this guy?

I learned this man’s name a couple years back when we were anticipating Toy Story 3, like many fans of the Toy Story trilogy, we didn’t want to see the film screw up so we monitored who they were bringing on board closely. Our confidence in Pixar helped.

At that time fans of Toy Story were still concerned with the scribe, his best credit being an R-rated Oscar-winning comedy by the name of Little Miss Sunshine. Could he really pull off a children’s film? Not just that, a finale to a trilogy that contained two other spectacular films. Some would call those films the greatest animated films of all time. 

With tremendous pressure Arndt wrote a screenplay based of three Pixar Moguls (John Lassiter, Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton) story and turned it into a tremendous conclusion for the beloved franchise. It is arguable that much is owed to Lassiter, Unkrich and Stanton on that success, we will never know whose brain contributed what.

Regardless the Toy Story saga was taken care of in a delicate way and Toy Story 3 became arguably the best of the series. Now it is said that Arndt is being reached out to by Kathleen Kennedy, not only that but he also already has a treatment for the project.

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars every single movie, even the prequels. I was surprised to see Star Wars VII was met with mixed responses. I was thinking it be more universally disapproved, but it wasn’t really. One thing people sight is that Disney did good handling Marvel, I believe Marvel could’ve been handled better but that’s just my opinion.

So, back on topic, what does having Michael Arndt on board mean? Truthfully I couldn’t think of a better man for the job, maybe Andrew Stanton who is coming off the unfortunate C-Average non-blockbuster John CarterStanton is familiar with science fiction through Wall-E and the world of John Carter was pure eye candy even if the film lacked a memorable narrative and succumbed to blockbuster cliches.

Besides that pick, I think Michael Arndt has a resume of handling character development well (new characters are going to have to be introduced in this film) from Little Miss Sunshine and a history of Action and Adventure from Toy Story 3He is also currently working on Pixar’s next film so we will see if this isn’t just an elaborate leak on Disney’s part. Or if Arndt is part of the team for real.

Regardless, I am satisfied with this pick, there will be mountains of room to complain for fans regarding this film; it is inevitable; but to see that Disney is using some Pixar team members shows that they are going to be handling this franchise delicately  Plus I feel for Arndt if he has been reached out to, for the pressure has to be insane and career threatening.