iOS Review: Paper Toss Friends
by Matthew Durham

Many years ago the iPhone was spawned into the brilliant minds at Apple. With the iPhone came several installable apps, many of which were games. Paper Toss was one of the first games available on the iPhone and it was very successful.

The premise is incredibly basic, you are in an office setting and attempting to shoot a ball of paper into a garbage bin. There were difficulty settings on how far back the bin usually was.

The catch was that there was a fan that would offset your through that you had to compensate for. Sometimes that fan speed would read .01 and you were able to flick your finger straight to get it in. Other times it would read 5.89 and you’d have to aim completely out of the way left or right to get it in.

In the original game you would be able to make a high score based on how many you got in a row and you could challenge your score. Paper Toss 2.0 later came out with more levels and separate items you could throw. Each particular item weighed differently so it was another thing you had to compensate.

Continuously beating your high score can get old, and it did for both Paper Toss and Paper Toss 2.0. Now Backflip studios has released Paper Toss Friends which allows you to play online with a random opponent or a friend much like the critically acclaimed Words with Friends.

Paper Toss Friends owes a lot to Words with Friends and the games that spawned from it. This game wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it wasn’t for the ground Words with Friends broke. But, Paper Toss Friends allows you three rounds against an opponent where each player takes turns setting up the round by choosing an item and a location. If you get played you have to beat your opponents score within three strikes. Four round victories wins the game.

As compared to other online arcade games, Paper Toss Friends is much more competitive than usual. The locations can work to your advantage along with the item so some strategy comes into play as well. I’ve been addicted to this game since its release.

The game is not perfect by any means. They recently fixed some of the bugs, but there are still a ton of bugs in this game. My app is always notifying me that I have more games awaiting me than I am actually playing. The interface can also at times appear clunky and non-user friendly. A lot of these problems are getting fixed though, but I ultimately dislike the interface and some of the animation.

Despite its flaws Paper Toss Friends is incredibly addictive and a good game to play to pass the time. I would strongly suggest it to any iPhone user and also suggest that they send me a game request. User Name: wadeiscompton

Final Score: 4/5