TV Review: Animal Practice – “Pilot”
by Meghan Paul

A show about an animal hospital with Justin Kirk from Weeds and a sidekick monkey named Rizzo?  What could go wrong?

If you’re considering watching Animal Practice, but really aren’t sure, because it just looks too ridiculous – you’re right.  The show is silly. It’s very, very silly.  I wasn’t that interested in the show when I first saw the previews, but then I thought about it, and I figured it could be really absurd, but in a great way and sadly it isn’t.

I would appreciate the silliness and absurdity of the show if it at least made me laugh.   The only funny scene in the entire first episode was of a cat attempting suicide by jumping off of a ledge of a high rise, while its owner yells at it to come back in to watch The Wendy Williams Show.  I wanted more of this.  Instead though, the show so far seems to focus on the Veterinarian’s dislike for most people, his relationship with his mostly dumb staff, and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend who conveniently inherited the –surprisingly big – animal hospital from her grandmother. 

It’s as though NBC executives sat around and said, “How can we get like, a bunch of cute dogs and exotic zoo animals in one place for a show?” and they came up with Animal Practice.

Think House meets Dr. Doolittle.  The animals don’t talk, but the veterinarian really doesn’t like people. He gets them, because he gets animals, and spends the entire show comparing how similar animal interactions, behaviors, and relationships are to human ones, but he doesn’t really seem to like people.  Of course, he isn’t nearly as hostile or disturbed as Dr. House, because it’s supposed to be a comedy, after all.

The main veterinarian, Dr. Coleman, is portrayed as the most normal person on the show.  Most everyone else besides his ex-girlfriend, the nurse, and his human best friend, Dr. Jackson, are fairly normal, but then there is Bobby Lee from Mad TV, who basically plays a cartoon character, Dr. Yamamoto.  But worst of all and what most took me out of the show was Angela, the pervy vet tech who comes into scenes and makes weirdly inappropriate comments that are supposed to be funny, I guess.

If you want a decent show to watch with your kids that has a lot of animals, and a cute little monkey that dresses up and acts like a person, then you might enjoy this show. If you’re, however, looking for a great comedy, then this is probably not for you.


Final Score: 2.5/5