TV Review: Family Guy – “Into Fat Air” Season Premiere
by Matthew Durham


Every time I talk about or review a Family Guy episode I feel like I’m being unfair by comparing the long-running series to its early episodes. The spawn of Family Guy was original and hilarious every joke hit home and I would usually be laughing till the end. The last 3 to 4 seasons have been so depressingly stale and unfunny.

Every season is a new chance, but Season 11 has started out bad and I’m not very confident for the rest of the season. I was recently told a rumor that creator Seth Macfarlane wants Family Guy to end and is intentionally making it bad to try and drive fans away. If that is true it is a very selfish and inconsiderate move on his part to the long-term endearing fans. Then again, it is just a rumor.

A reoccurring theme in recent episodes is the use of “dark humor” where the jokes get so disturbingly dark and mean-spirited to bring out a shock value in the audience. I would let my young child watch Family Guy up to about Season 5, but this stuff is too much. Family Guy never claimed to be for children though so I can’t fault it there, and I’m not cynical in wanting a specific humor for the show. I am certain there is an audience for the dark humor out there, but I’m in for the funny pop culture jokes and random cutaways.

My real problem is when I use the word “reoccurring” I mean every ounce of what I say. Every episode feels like and ongoing joke that is painfully unfunny. In “Into Fat Air” the Griffins climb Mount Everest and attempt to beat another family to the top. Leading up to this challenge, nothing funny really happens except for the occasional cutaway, many of the cutaways don’t hit home in this episode.

On their way down from the mountain they find the son of the rival family frozen to death and without much thought they decide to eat him. It is incredibly disturbing and unlike any of these characters to agree and move forward on such an act. I’ll admit characterization is not what Family Guy has ever been about, but still there has to be at least a little consistency.

This is why I say my criticism may be unfair, the fact that I am judging new episode of Family Guy in comparisons to the legacy of the early episodes. I don’t use the term ‘legacy’ lightly, the early episodes are classics in my books and probably deserve a classic review on The Media 10. I still watch the show because I have seen literally every single episode of Family Guy and I will stay with the series till it dies, even if it hurts watching it go so far downhill, I still hope a great episode will come out again soon.

If you’re not an avid fan of Family Guy like me and only watch it on occasion I would suggest paying attention to how it is animated and only sticking around if it looks older. The new animation is horrible and I find it very annoying how they always try to do 3-D animation in a 2-D animated show it looks awful.


Final Score: 1/5