Classic Cartoon Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender


I didn’t have the pleasure of watching this mesmerizing television series as a child, but I did as an adult. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a classic by every means. In the world of Avatar there are four nations: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. The Fire Nation has gone to war with the other nations and it is destined that the Avatar stops it, but he is no where to be found.

The ‘Avatar’ is a person who can master all four elements, chosen few in each nation can bend their element (which is too odd to explain, just watch the show) and the use their bending for fighting and problem solving. Two young kids in a southern water tribe (named Soka and Katara) discover the Avatar frozen in ice, he has been there for over a hundred years. His name is Aang, and he is still a kid but has a big responsibility to restore balance to the world.

Meanwhile, a prince named Zoku bears a scar from his father. He has been banished from the Fire Nation and sent out to hunt the Avatar with his uncle. This storyline in particular proves to be a deep and depressing one. Now we have three seasons of Aang learning to master the elements and preparing to fight the deadly Fire Lord.

The story is flawless, you sympathize with the characters who have dark engaging pasts, the action is entertaining and inventive, and the scenery and illustrations are beautiful and imaginative. Avatar: The Last Airbender falls under the category of fantasy, and fantasy only works if the story has the ability to draw the audience in. Considering this is an animated series for children as well as adults you can count on a happy ending, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying every time a character is in danger.

Unlike most Nickelodeon cartoons Avatar requires previous-episode viewing. Start from the beginning and move through the three seasons. The series never feels convoluted, and there never seems to be an unnecessary episode. The conclusion was as epic as I could’ve possibly hoped for. The final battle is amazing, or multiple final battles.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a cartoon classic becomes it’s a phenomenal show for all ages, it balances genres of Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Romance seamlessly and the script of each episode ties in well with witty dialogue and inspirationally deep dialogue alike. I enjoy this series so much that I will probably check out The Legend of Korra, a series that spins-off Avatar taking place 100 years after.


Final Score: 5/5