TV Review: How I Met Your Mother: “Farhampton”
by Matthew Durham

Last night we were graced with the Season 8 premiere of How I Met Your Mother appropriately titled “Farhampton.” I have been a fan of this show through good times and bad times, and I plan to be with it even to its inevitable disappointing end.

The reason I say that is after all the seasons and episodes that contributed nothing to the titles suggested storyline, I can’t see how this series can be tied up with the prettiest of bows. But I believe for us fans none of that matters, we don’t watch the show cause we are sincerely interested in learning who the mother is, we watch it because it is funny and at times humbly sweet.

Of course, knowing who the mother is should happen soon. In Season 8’s episode we flash forward to the wedding of Barney and Robin, where they both seem to have intense pre-jitters. We aren’t reveled whether or not they go through with it, but we flash forward more to Ted on a bench at a familiar bus station.

When we come back into our present timeline we get to see how Barney is coping with the idea of marriage with Quinn, Lily and Marshall are struggling to stay awake caring for their new born baby. Then our main storyline is with Ted (played very well by Josh Radnor here.) I think Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris usually get the limelight for their performances, but episodes like this show what Radnor is capable of.

Just like many of the recent episodes, a lot of the jokes fall flat. There are a couple funny situations that occur, but at times it felt like I was watching a parody of the sitcom medium. More jokes land than miss in this episode and with some of the garbage at the end of last season it’s pretty refreshing.

For “Farhampton” the season is introduced pleasantly with the episode having an extremely chilling and satisfying ending. This reminded me not only why I like the show, but why have stuck with it for all this time through better and worse.

Final Episode Score: 3/5