Film Review: The Grey
by Matthew Durham


This film was released back in January kind of out of the blue. I am real late to this review, I know, but I saw this film on Netflix a couple days ago and I have been thinking about it a lot recently.

My first assessment was to kind of dismiss the film as a fun time-killing thriller. A kill-them-off horror story that is interesting but cliche none-the-less.


We follow Liam Neeson’s character, a depressed man who works as a wolf-hunter in Alaska who is a passenger on a plane that crashes in the middle of the harsh vacant plains of Alaska. Him and seven other surviving members of the flight find themselves being hunted and out-matched by a pack of wolves.

From this point the film is thrilling and fun, but what drive the movie home is how spot on it is philosophically. Here we have two storylines, one that is happening physically and the other that is happening emotionally amongst the characters. While the physical story is thrilling and at times jaw-dropping; the emotional journey is what really makes this film special.

I won’t spoil anything, it’s really hard to explain why I loved this film without spoiling things. Let’s just say the emotional journey of Liam Neeson’s wolf hunter comes full-circle and the ends tie up incredibly well. The final moments of the movie are breath-taking and dare I say mind-blowing.

It’s not an award-winning film, but it is an Original story that has a strong moral message and it drives its point home seamlessly. This is the Hollywood formulaic thriller slapped across the face with inventive filmmaking and a satisfying story structure. I really want to see it again and may own it someday.

Final Score: 4/5