TV Review: The Mindy Project – “Pilot”
by Meghan Paul

Mindy Kaling broke away from her Office roots at NBC to star in and write her new self-titled show, The Mindy Project. The show is loosely based on Mindy’s real-life and does a good job at showing the light sides of being a single woman trying to make her own way and be successful in the career of her dreams. Her character is a romantic comedy obssessed OBGYN who is trying to find a balance between her career and her social life.

The show is quick, and the dialogue is funny, clever and (sometimes unfortunately) very realistic and accurate. At one point, Mindy comes out wearing a very bright and sparkly “first date” outfit, asking for her coworkers’ opinions. When she starts to get into an argument with a male coworker (a possibl future love interest, I’m sure), he snidely states that she would look best if she lost fifteen pounds – a comment that made me choke on my drink.

So far, as far as I can tell from the first episode, The Mindy Project seems to succeed where New Girl falls short – Mindy’s character is not made out to be “adorkable” or cutely awkward like Jess Day from New Girl, but rather a regular woman who ends up in awkward and uncomfortable situations that many girls and women can probably relate to.

I’ve been looking up to Mindy Kaling since she starte writing, acting and producing for The Office. I’m excited to see her do well on her very own show.

The Mindy Project premieres Tuesday, September 25th at 9:30pm on FOX or you can watch it now on

Final Score: 4/5