Nostalgic Cartoon Review: Home Movies

When I was young I was the main protagonist in this television series. Making movies with my friends that weren’t exactly film festival material, but we still had an amazing time making them and they were truly for us.

Home Movies is an animated series done for Adult Swim that only has small reasons why it is considered an adult cartoon. Brendan Small created the show and also is the title name of the main character. The most intriguing thing about this show is that a good percentage of the voice work is improvosational and the cast is exceptionally talented especially H. Jon Benjamin as Coach McGuirk which is a timeless character.

The best way to describe the type of humor on display in Home Movies is sarcasm. All the characters are consistently sarcastic and the actors use this to their advantage when improving hilarious run-on conversations.

The overall feel of Home Movies is pretty melancholy. The show doesn’t rely on cheap or crude humor. They just let the humor flow seemlessly through characterization, and it is very impressive. The show is strictly comedy, but has its sweet subtle messages about growing up without a parent, dealing with bullying, and overall just coming of age.

The series finale was very depressing compared to the rest of the series, but they couldn’t have ended it a better way. The whole series is now available on Instant Netflix and I highly suggest it to anyway looking for some good comedy, especially people who are washed up on Family Guy reruns.

Final Score: 5/5