Classic TV Series Review: Malcolm in the Middle


When people think of the quirky dysfunctional family television comedy Malcolm in the Middle it’s usually a response of average liking. There weren’t exactly people running around saying it was the greatest show to ever hit their living rooms. So I figured I’d have some explaining to do when I put “Classic” in the article title.

When you think of “Classic” regarding any form of media for music you get bands like The Beatles, for movies you might think Casablanca, but what about the youngest of media art? Classic television shows might render in someones mind for Star Trek or Bewitched but truthfully it doesn’t have to be old. We are living in the golden age of the Television narrative. Malcolm in the Middle registers to me as a classic, not just because of it’s long seven season runtime, but because it was always there to provide laughs after a long day of being at the office.

This show extends from the late 90s to the early millenium decade. I found it incredibly relatable coming from a family of average to low means. The kids in this show find entertainment in quirky ways that may seem incredibly asinine, but are scarily realistic.

A good way to put it is that Malcolm in the Middle was the show that everyone can relate to from that time period and will work as a time capsule as time goes on. Most refer to this type of living as “Pre 9-11.” The show has multiple characters who all have their own quirks and each one of them are entertaining and well-acted. I couldn’t pinpoint a terrible performance from the show or an unlikable character.

It’s a shame that a lot of these actors have fallen off the face of the Earth, with the exception of Bryan Cranston who is currently in his prime as an actor, getting roles in film after film and Emmy after Emmy for Breaking Bad. I watched this series all on Instant Netflix and I would high recommend it as a funny, mind-numbing blast from the past. Season 2, 3 and 4 were the shows prime.


Final Score: 4.5/5