Music Review: “Mutiny Sunshine” by Talkdemonic

Upon seeing one of my favorite all-time bands in concert (Modest Mouse) there was an exhilarating opening performance. I don’t usually say that about opening performances in concerts, I just want to see the band I came to see, and the opening act is there to pass time.

Only two people are in this folktronic band, Kevin O’ Connor and Lisa Molinaro. On stage, Molinaro grabbed an electric violin and O’Connor sat at a drumset. The first song they played was not on “Mutiny Sunshine” the song was titled “City Sleep.” It’s crazy how much I’ve learned about this band in a month.

When they played at the concert I was trying to look up who was opening for Modest Mouse. No luck, but after some extensive googling, I was able to listen to some of there songs and snagged a free download of “Mutiny Sunshine.” Their first album.

If I could relate their instrumental electronic sound to any other band it would be Explosions in the SkyExplosions had practically a monopoly on the genre, but talkdemonic I would say is just as good, if not better. I don’t usually listen to this kind of music, but when I’m in the mood it helps me think deep and relax. Overall the music energizes my imagination and helps me relax.

For a lot of people this kind of music especially works while high. If I smoked, I’d agree this is a great band to listen to when smoking a joint. This album can feel repetitive at times, but some tracks are really good. If you were to buy anything from this band, I’d say do it by the track. Some tracks on “Mutiny Sunshine” just didn’t do it for me. But others were literally mind-numbing and enchanting. “City Sleep” still remains my favorite song by them.

Final Score: 4/5