Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Loved it. I couldn’t tell you what it is about Wes Anderson films that  really moves me. I laugh the whole time, I am woefully depressed by the troubled characters situations, sometimes I even tear up. People have a knack for not liking things that are different, the thing is I can’t criticize any particular person for that because I’m sure I have criticized plenty of things for being different.

Wes Anderson films are the Ash of the Film Industry (Fantastic Mr Fox reference) they are different. In this case for me personally, different is not bad at all. I am a fan of the dramedy genre primarily because it’s realistically adjacent to reality. While the situations can be awkward or amusing for the characters in Moonrise Kingdom you can also empathize or sympathize with the characters situation. Everything Anderson has done, every character he has artistically created I have empathized with completely. That’s why his films move me.

In Moonrise Kingdom Anderson has his usual, satisfying, quirks. He is also tackling the risky genre of pre-teen hormones. Having had several college classes about filmmaking I couldn’t help but think about all the paperwork the parents of these two star actors had to sign to participate in a couple of the things. While it’s awkward to think of it that way, story-wise it is realistic. These characters are young a naive to romance, yet they are in love. They are conflicted.

A real interesting thing about this movie is the parallels between the runaway children and the grieving adults. What the kids do doesn’t compare to some of the adultery and moral crimes of the adults. The actors in this film portray there parts really well and are all developed in their own way. The acting was perfect, the writing was mind-blowing, and it was funny. Wes Anderson does it again. The man hasn’t created a bad film yet.

Watch for this film to be mentioned in future Oscar articles.


Final Score: 5/5