Anticipation Preview: Breaking Bad Season 5 (Series Finale)

This is the first “Anticipation” article I am writing. The photo above is a new photo promo for Season 5 of one of TV’s greatest and most under-rated shows of all-time: Breaking Bad.

I decided to write this article as a fan of the show, for the other fans of the show. So be for warned it will contain spoilers. I am almost reluctant to write this in the rare case that someone who hasn’t watched the show sees it. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS SHOW. It is so often put off and judged by it’s cover, but it is an incredible show with an incredible story, incredible acting and done with incredible filmmaking talent.

So please, I beg if you haven’t watched the show stop reading now and call up your Instant Netflix.

WARNING: Spoilers Below.

I am so excited for this finale at the same time a little concerned. After Season 1 of Breaking Bad I thought it was good. After season 2 I thought it was fantastic. After season 3 I thought it was mind-blowing and after the incredible season 4 finale I thought it was EASILY one of the greatest shows to ever hit television.

So what’s going to happen now? Will Walt continue cooking meth? Will Jesse find out what Walt has done? I couldn’t ever successfully predict what will happen in this show. So I thought I’d throw some options out there.

A lot of people think that this series will not end well for Walt, I mean how can it and should it? Like most fans I love Walter White and even though he has done some cruel things I understand why he has done each thing. The one true bad thing he has done is get involved with meth in the first place. But he was dying, can we blame him for wanting to live a little?

From that point on every bad action from Walt has been for the sake of survival, with the occasional moment where he has done other bad things. Example: Watching Jesse’s girlfriend choke to death on her vomit and not intervening. He was doing that for Jesse, but letting someone die is a harsh thing to do to help a friend.

Now he’s out. He was fighting for survival through season 4 against the amazingly scary bad kingpin Gus Fring. Gus is gone now, Walt has won. He won this victory by poisoning an innocent child to manipulate Jesse. He did it to survive. He’s no longer being chased by kingpins, so what will he do now?

The way I see it conflicts that could happen in Season 5 could be: Jesse finds out and wants to hurt Walt. Hank finds out and wants to hurt Walt. Hank gets closer to discovering Walt and Walt has to deal with him and what about Skyler? She still has to deal with the man she might have killed accidentally.

A lot of people are throwing deaths out there. Jesse will kill Walt. I heard that maybe Walt will kill either Jesse or Hank thus completing the bad breaking story arch. I’ve heard Walt will go to prison. While all the endings are possible, I can’t see any of them happening 100%.

My theory would be that no one dies. That Walt becomes to main kingpin successfully and maybe skips town or something. Wow, it almost sounds more asinine that no one dies. Just talking about the possibilities makes me so excited for July 15th. If you have a theory for the ending, please comment below.