Classic Film Review: 28 Days Later


I was recently asked what some of my favorite horror movies of all-time were. It’s a rough genre to be done right, and even rougher to get a classic from. There are some obvious classic films like The Exorcist or Jaws. One of the films that ended up in my top 5 all-time favorite horror films was Danny Boyle’s beautiful zombie film 28 Days Later.

Before I lose geek credibility I know that they aren’t technically zombies in this film, they are “infected.” For those of you who don’t know the difference a zombie is “undead” this means they become that way by dying or having already been dead. Infected means they have the mannerisms of a zombie, but they are actually just suffering from a type of rabid and contagious sickness.  

The infected in this film are the scariest I have ever seen them done and re-watching it I realize that it’s not just the extra twitching or reddened eyes that made them scary, but they way the cinematography that causes the thrills and chills. There are a good deal of POV shots of the infected when they are introduced into the scene, there is also a manipulation of audio when they are introduced. Example, when the infected kid jumps down you don’t hear him move or land. This adds to the experience of the film and it is a genius way to scare the hell out of people. 

Without the beautiful and smart cinematography choices, this film might have not made my list. The story is good, but it’s nothing too original. Interesting characters definitely helps push the story along. The production design and cinematography are what really capture a realistic and grim environment  of what an infected apocalypse would look and feel like. Impressive original film manipulation tricks are what really make this film a classic to me, and I believe should be observed by film students everywhere. 

Final Score: 5/5