Spring Season Finale Wrap-Up: Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, New Girl, and Community.

Game of Thrones: Season 2 Finale: Valor Morghulis

I love this show. The only criticism I usually see it get are ones about it having a high abundance of characters. This show does have almost too many characters to keep track of, but it geniously manages to develop them all perfectly.

I do have on harsh criticism. Seasons need to be longer than 10 episodes or new seasons should come on earlier. Asking fans to wait a whole year after only watching ten episodes is torture. The solution would be for HBO to start the filming for the next season in the Spring, not sure how this will affect dynamic. The reason I believe they can’t do this is that they wait to renew shows till May.

Season 3 of Game of Thrones will shoot soon and I will wait painfully all through 2012 to see what happens next. Now onto my review of the finale.

Some may find the finale a little less epic than some of the previous episodes, also find Season 2 as a whole less epic than Season 1. What we learn from this finale is similar to what we learned from the Season 1 finale, that this world may seem like realistic historical fiction sometimes, but it is ultimately a fantasy world where anything is possible and anyone can die.

The faceless man was a nice touch in reminding us there is still magic in this world we haven’t seen. So if you haven’t read the books what I’m saying is the outcome for what’s next is almost completely unpredictable. Not many shows out there have managed to be as unpredictable as Game of Thrones, but its unpredictability makes it a force to reckon with.

Final Score: 4/4

Once Upon a Time: Season 1 Finale “A Land Without Magic”

I don’t watch television shows that I don’t like. I usually try to watch just about everything and only stick with what is worth my time. With this show I have had moments of abscence where I caught up on a boring day of doing nothing.

This says a lot because there are a good deal of television shows out there. One thing I noticed about this show is that it is much more fun to talk about than it is to actually watch.

A lot of people watch this show, most of the people who watch it admire it more than I do. I don’t dislike it because it’s a fairytale story, I don’t follow the crowd and put down all fairytale adaptations. Every form of art is worth attention before criticism. While there is a mild amount of good things I can say about this show. The finale doesn’t fit any of those adjectives.

This finale had a “Lost” finale vibe to it. In this sense of “really? That’s what we spent all that time building up to?” The whole series to this point was about Emma needing to know it was a fairytale and the juxtaposition of real life and the beautiful fairytale combination world they built here.

At the BEGINNING of the episode Emma learns that it is all true in the duration of five seconds after 21 episodes of doubting it. How? She touches the book. I’m not spoiling anything because it literally happens in the very beginning and what does she do when she finds out? She takes on a dragon.

There were so many things wrong with this finale. I have overlooked the fact that the show is brutally cheesy, but this finale takes the cake. This is the worst of all the Once Upon a Time episodes, which says a lot.

Final Score: .5/5



“New Girl” is an acquired taste. I applaud this show mostly for overcoming a brutally unfunny first couple of episodes.  Much like “Community” what makes New Girl good is the characters and what makes it funny is their mannerisms.

Each week I was excited for a new episode of New Girl because I usually laughed throughout the episode. Was the finale the funniest episode? I wouldn’t say so. But it still had enough comedy and charm to be consistent with the other great episodes.

The show isn’t revolutionary, it’s not doing much new, but it is funny and it is sweet. Also all the characters are funny and enjoyable. The finale doesn’t end with the usually finale formula. Instead of cliffhanging on a problem they completely solve a problem previously presented.

Overall the finale wasn’t the best but it was good and I liked it. Not much more to say really. You either like a show like New Girl or you don’t. I like it.

Final Score: 2/4


I am one of those “Community” fans who will always be there to try and save this show from cancellation. If the show is in trouble I will help lead a charge to get #sixseasonsandamovie trending on Twitter.

This show is so amazing. Anyone who is into screenwriting should watch this show. In that sense I watch it and picture what the script looks like in my head and I’m just amazed at what this writing staff can come up with.

I will say that there have been episodes of Community that weren’t good or jokes that didn’t land well. It’s not an incredibly consistent show, but as long as you have the characters in this study group on the screen I am entertained.

Season 3 finale worked as a Series finale. It’s obvious Harmon and friends figured the show was going to end. Well Harmon’s career on the show did end. Also a couple of the writers quite. Does this worry me? So freakin’ much.

I will still watch the show with the new showrunners and staff, and hope that they understand the dynamic enough to keep the characters as fun and interesting as they are. I’m still very glad we are getting a Season 4 even if it is scheduled for a short time. I’m not really counting on a Season 5, but that’s okay because they can wrap the show up for the final year of college and not have to write around that.

The finale wasn’t one of the best episodes, but still had its funny moments. Even when the writing slumps the incredible cast and characters picks it up and makes it more charming and enjoyable than ever.

I will see the Video Game episode and the Break-In episode pre-finale were better than the finale itself. #sixseasonsandamovieforever

Final Score: 2.5/5