Video Game Review: Max Payne 3

When I was much younger I played through the first Max Payne this was before Rockstar became known for it’s “Free Play” game style. Nothing about the first Max Payne was revolutionary. Nothing about the gameplay was new, the bullet time was also interesting, but by no means revolutionary. What really made the game for me was the ominous poetic storyline, the first Max Payne marked a moment in my life where I realized video games that have good stories are all the more impacting since you control the character in the conflict.

I couldn’t begin to tell you what the story of any of the Max Payne games are about without it sounding completely cliche. Renegade cop, family dies, he wants revenge. What made the game was how they executed this story through poetry, surrealism and an ominous New York City winter night.

Max Payne 3 does not take place in New York City. My culture shock from the different atmosphere was harsh. Max Payne never seemed like the kind of man to wear the Hawaiian T-shirts and attempt to live a normal life. He was the man with nothing to lose, ready to die. So needless to say I came into this third part with anxiety.

The game takes advantage of the culture shock with great cinematic moments that help to put you inside Max’s head. He hates the kind of people around him in this game. It’s not his crowd, of course he doesn’t have much of a crowd anymore. Max Payne is now a bodyguard for a rich family, seems unlike him, but I hope I’m not spoiling to much by saying he does a pretty shitty job.

He’s a man of his word and wants to get the job done, at the same time he has nothing to lose. After someone Max Payne-less years you can still completely see that this is the same, but much older Max Payne.

This game isn’t as poetic or chilling as the first two, and there isn’t really any surrealism to it. So there are many ways it’s different from the first two games. Is that a bad thing? Not really, I just miss the atmosphere of the old games and would like to see a modern version of that Max Payne.

Overall the story is alright. Nothing to special, it’s not exactly predictable what happens along the way, however the ending is pretty predictable. After playing the story you can keep playing the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fun and the more you play it the more weapons and armor you can receive. Which can be a bad thing since you could be a first time player against an experienced person with a stronger weapon.

This multiplayer format can be a hit or miss for a lot of online players. There is also an arcade mode and you can play chapters in the story as well.

Final Score: 2.5/4