Video Game Review: L.A. Noire

I have a special place in my heart for Rockstar games. From Grand Theft Auto to Max Payne to Red Dead Redemption. I have really experienced a Rockstar game I didn’t like. They became famous through the Grand Theft Auto series, and became notorious for adult content. I agree that all their games are meant for more mature audiences. But it has never felt like the inappropriate content was gratuitous.

LA Noire is not perfect. Three discs and it doesn’t feel like a huge game. Mass Effect 2 and 3 were two discs each, but both felt like they had miles more content than this game. I believe most of the space was consumed by some of the most impressive graphics that has ever struck the gaming industry.

Everything in this game is so photo realistic. They advertised the fact that the characters were motion captured and you can recognize some of the actors in it. The game also successfully strikes the look and feel of the decade. I spent most of the time admiring the graphics in this game.

The story is also very good. Nothing revolutionary, but very good. Things tie together in the end after watching flashbacks to things you don’t understand. I also found it odd that you never know too much about your character. You learn more about your character as the game goes on.

The playability is solid as well, controls are easy to maneuver and at times it makes you feel like a legit detective piecing things together. So what’s my problem with the game?

The only real problem I can find is that it is short. It’s a short game, there are some side missions but they are all bland and repetitive. You can also find new vehicles, but why? For the XBOX achievement? I need more of a motivation than that.

La Noireis great fun for the couple of days it takes to beat it. It’s original gameplay, great story, and mind-numbing graphics are something to be noted. But as far as Rockstar game standards it is probably one of their weakest links.

Final Score: 4/5