TV Review: Game of Thrones S2E7 “A Man Without Honor”

One of the greatest episodes of the season so far. Game of Thrones has been a TV series that I have humbly admired and followed since episode 1. I follow it for two reasons: 1: I am a complete nerd for this kind of stuff and 2: Because it’s a fantastic story. One thing that sets Game of Thrones apart from other shows is its abundant supply of interesting characters. Every character has their own unique mannerisms and conflicts that makes them interesting.

In this episode we begin watching “Prince” Theon get angry about the escape of Bran and all his pals. He goes out and searches for them and it doesn’t seem like he is having much luck. From here we bounce storyline to storyline and don’t return to Theon’s hunt for Bran until the end of the episode.

What’s going on with Daenerys is really odd. Qarth seems like a bizarre city enough, but we learn more about the characters there and discover some violently evil intentions. Toward the end it quickly goes from bizarre to what-the-hell-just-happened. Safe to say that Voldemort looking man is involved.

I was happy to see Jamie again, I have always believed he was an interesting character. There is a sequence between him and a Lannister cousin that feels so real and deep as they share stories about there days as squires. Then after 5 minutes Jamie does something that just breaks the quiet moment up, soon he is met with a showdown against Ned’s wife. Where he speaks some hard truths.

Game of Thronescan be a very grim show, that doesn’t go easy on it’s characters when they make mistakes. I love it, the most unpredictable show out there and this episode highlights everything I love about the show as a whole. So many situations are left unfinished as an obvious ploy TV shows do to keep you watching, but dammit it works!

Final Score: 5/5