Film Review: The Avengers

Finally, the long-awaited time has come to put four of our favorite super heroes together and watch them conquer over evil.The Avengers is a fun time at the movie theater for families. Disclaimer though, take your kid you should probably invest in all the toys that will inevitably be released.

One thing I have always loved about superheroes and the idea of them is their inner conflicts. Of course none of these films have been known for being deep. Stan Lee was a genius in making characters that had power everyone dreamed that they had, and revealing that it came it a cost.

Don’t be a snob or think to hard in this movie, you shouldn’t in the rest of them either. Just enjoy the action and awesome effects. The story isn’t all that bad either. I have seen much more stilted story lines in blockbusters. My biggest problem I have had with all these films has been the lack of development in the villains.

Come to think of it, I can’t for the life of me remember the motivation of Loki and his ban of alien monster things. That’s all fine for a mindless action entertainment, but it won’t help the movie stand out at all. In fact I don’t see how this movie stands out.

Mindless Action Entertainment doesn’t get much better than this, but mindless can only do so much. In the end it all felt a little bland, just like this whole series has. I’m also not a fan of the gratuitous family-fun comedy they put into these films. The comics explored the deeper dark inner conflict that these characters had to overcome.

This isn’t meant to be fine art. It’s meant to be family-fun. Which can have good and bad qualities. I rank The Avengers  better than all the other Marvel films featuring these characters with the exception of Captain America, which I liked more due to the more choreographed action sequences and look of the film. I also didn’t like the way the Hulk was portrayed here.

Final Score: 2.5/4